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We may have had ideas about what to film in Minnesota. But we don’t know what’s happening in Texas in June, Detroit in September or Florida in November… and for that we need you. We want you to help tell this story. Is your neighbor into foraging? What awesome local fish do you buy? Tell us about the most charismatic food hero and the most unique community garden. We want this journey to be guided by you

UPDATE: We’ve now received over 250 story submissions. The majority of them, thus far, have been about CSAs, Urban Gardens, Small Farms and Sustainable Institutions — which is great. But we also need to know about food and food techniques that are UNIQUE to each state. If you’re from Arkansas — tell us about the traditional food (using local ingredients) that a cool neighbor makes, or if you’re from Long Island, point us in the direction of a good clam diver. Clue us in to what the locals know! We would be ever so grateful… and it would make the trip planning a lot easier.


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