America: Princess Kay of The Milky Way

Imagine having your likeness carved into a 90lb block of butter.

Every year at the Minnesota State Fair, the competitors of the Princess Kay competition get that opportunity. Here is the story of one young farmer’s attempt to win the honor.

The third in a series of non-partisan portraits of American Life.

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2 thoughts on “America: Princess Kay of The Milky Way

  1. Thank you for making this video. I have never been to a State Fair but now I want to go!! I was rooting for Ellen and just very impressed by her composure and the way she handled not winning the title with such grace. I also want to squeeze and hug her mom. What a wonderful woman! My only negative comment and you can feel free to omit this, would be the misspelling of the word “receiving” at the beginning of your video.

  2. Loved it, felt the drpth of soul and the pains and koys of life. And the pups. Tears before and tears now. Good read. Thank you, Robin. Annmarie Shermie Braca

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