This is our general route for the trip across America (if your state isn’t on the map, it doesn’t mean we aren’t going there!). We’ll be leaving on May 9th and returning sometime in November. Where we stop and what stories we tell are yet to be decided (it’s up to you!). Currently, this map is a guide for you to think up stories in these areas of the country, but keep in mind that when a journey is 6 months long, nothing is too far out of the way.

When we depart in May, this map will become interactive, you’ll be able to join us on the road, see which farms, co-ops and restaurants we stop at, as well as where each video was filmed. We hope you join us on the trip by sharing a story, meeting us somewhere along the way or by connecting with us on the social media bus (via twitter, facebook, foursquare).


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