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Wild Rice Bhel Puri (VIDEO)

One of our favorite dishes in India (with a Minnesota twist) is also one of the freshest. This dish can be made with all prepared goods, or you can make it all from scratch… we recommend the latter. This is also the first recipe from our cooking video series with Enjoy!

Carrot, grapefruit and tapioca salad

I did a dinner for Eat for Equity the other night. It was a three course vegetarian dinner and I made a salad based off of a salmon ceviche dish I made a while back. It uses a cool tapioca technique that I learned from the dinner we did at Governor in Brooklyn. Enjoy!

Eggplant, Cabbage and sriracha

When we had our NYC event last year at Prune, Gabrielle Hamilton said I had a “style” of cooking, appartently it involved lime juice and herbs. Its true, and maybe some fish sauce. That’s Vietnamese cooking I guess. Anyways, here’s another example of such a style, and of using what is available. I happened to have eggplant and cabbage… what do you make with that? Salad of course. Roasted eggplant is amazing at room temperature, tossed with some sort of dressing, it maintains its texture while soaking up the sauce. Also, just having a bunch of condiments at your house, makes it a lot easier to make a tasty dinner in a pinch. These are all Asian condiments, some of which contain corn syrup and msg, but they taste good.

Salmon skin cracker with tartare/ceviche

I got invited to Alaska by the Copper River Salmon folks. It was amazing. Seriously, if you ever have the chance to go to Alaska, do it! Maybe the most beautiful place on earth. Anyways, their fishery is really impressive, and obviously the salmon is delicious. I came home with a box full of it. While we were up there, we had a dinner where everyone prepared a different salmon. I took the extra skin and made crackers out of it, and then made a tartare/ceviche. It was good. So, next time you find yourself with a bunch of salmon skin, make these chips. So good!

Midweek Mashed potatoes (for Mirra) with chickpea/cucumber/preserved lemon salad

Mirra really loves white foods. In fact, for a vegetarian, she’s shockingly against anything green. So last night, when I asked her what she wanted for dinner, she said mashed potatoes (no surprise there). But you can’t just have mashed potatoes for dinner (she would say otherwise).The simple salad that I came up with, turned out really well, so I thought I’d write it up for y’all. There’s no mashed potato recipe here, you know how to make them. Boil potatoes, mash, add whatever quantity of delicious/fattening products that suit your fancy. Yogurt is a cool alternative to cream FYI. Oh and as you can see, I used fancy potatoes, these were Red Marias (a gift from a friend’s overloaded CSA)

Lobster mushrooms and the color orange

In an effort to share more recipes, I’m just going to try to take pictures of what I eat at home, and share it with you guys. So this was lunch, I happened to have received some lovely lobster mushrooms from my friend Austin – and they are a lovely orange color. I also had peaches. So I went with an orange theme. It was all beginning to sound very Noma-esque, so I threw some flowers in there too. Try it out, or just enjoy the pretty picture.

Miso Corn Chowder

This is something I made for lunch the other day, that combined miso and corn. Because I took a pretty picture of it, and it was delicious, I thought I would share

Thanksgiving Sides: Sunchoke mash, marinated brussel sprout salad and celery root stuffing

Its the week of thanksgiving, a time of year when the only food related stuff people want to hear about is turkey and stuffing. So here are a few takes on thanksgiving ingredients. Enjoy.

Beets and Duck Hearts

Beets are popular these days and I think its because we’ve figured out how to cook them. They used to be just boiled or pickled and that created a legion of beet haters (my girlfriend included). But when you roast them with a little added flavor, their sweetness comes out in a more savory way. The one drawback is that they take some time to cook. So when you are thinking about dinner and beets are included, make sure to get them going right away. Here is a recipe for roasted beets paired with duck hearts. At The Publican last month, this was the garnish for a sardine, but I think it makes for a great appetizer.

Geoduck with seabeans, nuts and mushrooms

The Geoduck! what a clam. really easy to cook, not easy to dig, this is the recipe from our Facebook and coastal adventures on the West Coast.