Lettuce Veloute

Its spring time, and the one thing there is surely enough of – is lettuce.   Sometimes you can have too much to deal with in your garden.  Here’s a good French way to make your greens go in a different direction.

Serves 5

3 spring onions

2 green garlic bulbs

3-4 heads of lettuce, depending on size

bouquet garni or whatever herbs you have in the garden

2 Tablespoons olive oil or butter

Water or vegetable stock

salt to taste

vinegar or lemon juice to taste


This soup is pretty much pureed vegetables, but it is light and subtle and works as a sauce as well 

Saute your chopped onions and garlic in oil with salt, cook them until they are translucent and soft – don’t put any color on them.  

Add the cleaned and chopped lettuce to the onions, saute until just wilted.  Cover with vegetable stock or water, add bouquet and simmer for five minutes.

Remove the bouquet and puree the soup very well while still warm. 

If using as a soup, add enough liquid to reach the desired texture.  Add a squeeze of lemon juice or a splash of vinegar.  Pass the liquid through a fine sieve and serve.  Garnish with craime fraiche and herbs from the garden.

You can also let the liquid cool and serve as a chilled soup.  Or, minimize the amount of liquid and serve with a fish or a mild meat, roasted asparagus and fresh herbs.