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A Recipe for “Wine Bottle” Pie

Our backdoor opens to a trove of apple trees. Ever since we arrived, I’ve been anxious to take advantage of this amazing bounty and start baking. Unfortunately, the house isn’t yet stocked with the necessary baking supplies (rolling pin, measuring cups, mixing bowls…)

Steak, Patagonian Potatoes and Chimichurri (VIDEO) (a la Francis Mallman)

This is the best thing I ate in Argentina. It was at Francis Mallman’s 1884 restaurant and it was amazing! So, this is a pretty direct copy of that. Or, my guess at how those things were made. Depending on the size of the steak, this enough for one or two people, the potatoes are for one portion

Vegetarian Tamales (VIDEO)

Tamales are way easier than you think! Make these vegetarian versions, I swear it easy.

Moroccan Lamb Meatballs (VIDEO)

This lamb recipe is too easy, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t amazing! This was a very common street food in Morocco, and the amount of cumin used on the lamb was always astounding and delicious

Turkish Mezze (VIDEO)

Besides kebabs being everywhere in Turkey, the country is pretty great for a vegetarian thanks to the mezze available at many restaurants. A good meal can start and end with the room temperature salads that the waiters bring to your table shortly after arrival. In this video we have to favorite dishes from our travels… a garlicky yogurt and eggplant dish, and a chunky-gazpacho like salad. Make them together or on their own, eat with bread or just use a spoon. Use lots of herbs!

Sunchokes Bravas (VIDEO)

Patatas Bravas are the ubiquitous Spanish Tapas. What isn’t to like? Fried potatoes with spicy mayo. In this recipe, we show you how to make a great aioli and we switch out the potatoes for sunchokes (Jerusalem Artichokes).

Beef Carpaccio (VIDEO)

This is a dish of arranging good ingredients. If you don’t have nice beef or good vegetables, don’t bother (although i guess that is always the case in cooking).

Chopped Roti and Dal

Chopped Roti (Kothu Roti) was one of our favorite dishes in Sri Lanka. Its a stir fry of day old roti, and its delicious. Usually served with fish or chicken curry, we made it with Dal (for Mirra).

Make your own tofu!

Homemade tofu is a million times better than anything you can buy at the supermarket. Try it out, its easy, and delicious.

Udon Miso n’ Cheese (VIDEO)

One of our favorite stops on our trip around Japan was to a restaurant where the owner grew his own wheat to make udon. So, for my first recipe from the road, I wanted to do a non traditional take on the dish. I don’t make it exactly like they do in Japan (since we aren’t using actual udon flour, which is very high in gluton). And on top of the noodles being non traditional — so is the sauce. Udon is served cold in the summer and hot in the winter. Usually it is served with dashi, mirin and soy sauce. Udon noodles are actually quite difficult to make. The man we visited had been perfecting his craft for 45 years. I have only been working on my technique for a few weeks. I knew I couldn’t perfectly replicate Udon, so I decided make it my own. So here is a Japanese twist on an American Classic: Udon Miso n’ Cheese. I think it turned out pretty good.