Wild Spring Green Pizza

Recipe: Ramp Pesto


  • 1 part ramp leaves
  • 3 parts nettles
  • 1 part garlic mustard
  • 1 part dandelion greens
  • 1/2 part Extra Virgin Olive oil (more if needed)
  • Salt

Blanch the nettles in hot water followed by an ice bath. Wring out the water. Puree all the ingredients together. You can add nuts or Parmesan if you want, but we we’re going for more of a sauce type consistency. This could be used in pasta or as a sauce for more full flavored fish or a lighter meat. We used it on pizza, with a few dollops of chevre and cooked it in a wood-fired oven then garnished with some micro greens. A delicious spring.

Recipe: Pizza Dough

The pizza oven and the levain used in the dough were both created by Lisa Ringer of Two Pony Gardens. She spent the last year collecting large stones from her property to decorate the oven all the while managing her wild yeast “mother.” I used her levain to create my pizza dough, no commercial yeast added.


  • 1 Cup levain
  • 3 Cups flour
  • 1/2 Cup warm water
  • 2 Tablespoons EVO
  • 2 teaspoons sea salt

Because I was making dough for 150, I mixed the dough in a mixer. But for a small batch, do it in a bowl. Add a little extra water if necessary, you want the dough to be nice and wet. Once the dough is formed (as little mixing as possible, just knead until combined), I let it rise for a couple hours in the kitchen and then overnight in the fridge. The next morning, I divided it into small balls, covered with a damp towel and let it slowly rise again until i was ready to cook the pizzas. In the heat of a wood-fired oven they don’t take more than a minute.


4 responses to “Wild Spring Green Pizza”

  1. Foody2 and Oliver says:

    If I don’t have sourdough starter, can I use something else?

    • Hi Foody2 and Oliver,

      Yes, you can use the powdered instant dry yeast that you find on the baking aisle in your grocery store. I use the quick-rise yeast for pizza dough. Yum! Just be sure to not use to hot of water when dissolving the yeast. Enjoy! veronicashealthyliving.com

    • Rebecca Gardner says:

      Yes, you can use ready made pita or nan bread for the pizza dough.

  2. Jg says:

    Or Foody2 could use yeast. Pizza looks great. I chop up the dandelion greens, massage w garlic minced, evoo, lemon zest and parm and put done a bed on the dough.

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