Season 4

Announcement: Season 4!

After a year and a half absence from posting Perennial Plate episodes, we are launching Season 4.  Since we shared our Ethiopia episodes, a lot has happened (most importantly, we had a baby).  With a 15 month old in tow, we figured traveling to a new location every other day might get tiring.  So instead…We’re moving! Sort of. For the next year, we will be spending 2 months in various locations around the globe, making 10 films in each spot.  This regional approach will enable us to get to know a place for “a season”.  The first round of videos will be “a summer in Colorado”, “a fall in Ireland” and “a winter in Mexico”.  Expect varying story styles (including cooking videos, animated pieces, etc.) and a much more involved blog on the trials and tribulations of moving with a baby (in some cases, a dog too) and too much filming gear.  We are headed to Colorado on June 4th, with films coming out by the end of the month, but we’ll be posting clips, photos and stories of the whole process on our blog.  So stay tuned. And thanks for coming back. We’ve missed you.

Oh, and if you’d like to submit a story idea for Colorado, you can do so HERE.