Season 4

Kickstarter: Resistance through Storytelling

After much thought about how we can best impact the direction of our country, we have decided to pause The Perennial Plate for the summer and put our filmmaking skills toward the Resistance.  Over the past 7 years, we have filmed and become friends with a wide cast of characters — from catfish noodlers in the back woods of Mississippi to goat farmers in the mountains of Morocco.  These people have changed our lives, and helped us to know that most people are just looking for the best life for their family.  With the current political climate and divided media and facebook feeds in the US, that story isn’t coming through.  So, we are launching a kickstarter campagin to bring positive immigrant and refugee stories to the facebook feeds of folks whose feeds might be more prone to a negative narrative.

To make it happen, we need your help: we’d love a share on facebook, but it would also be especially appreciated if you could email this with a personal message to those whom you think may be interested. Our Kickstarter is done, but you can still

…and let’s celebrate the America we love: immigrants and refugees included.

Thank you for your continued support.