Season 4

Episode 169: Bacon & Greens

We still have some more Ireland content to come, but as it is St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, we thought we’d jumps to our entire Ireland experience.  After spending two months in the green nation from which my family originates, I developed a new perspective on the food.  Ireland is already known for its generous and gregarious people and it lush and wild landscapes, but its food (unless you consider Guinness a food group) has always been an afterthought for the traveler: no longer.  I tasted Native Oysters which  might be the best of my life, feasted on the most tender lamb (raised on seaweed and mountain grasses), and fell in love with the traditional Irish butcher shops, bakeries and fishing villages.  Yes, Ireland has Michelin starred restaurants and hip coffee shops, but for centuries it’s had what the best of Brooklyn strives for: time honored traditions using the best ingredients in the world.  You can travel to Ireland for Guinness, for green fields and awe inspiring cliffs, for traditional music and stone walls, but also for the food.  #ThisIsIrishFood