Episode 104: Real Food World Tour

Season 3! Our first step into animation. This short film tells the history and future of The Perennial Plate in self depricating cartoon fashion. It tracks the sustainable food series story from Minnesota, to the US and coming soon… around the world with new partner Intrepid Travel! Enjoy and share!

  • http://twitter.com/Educatedc Klein

    Well done Danny Mira all of us are proud of your commitment to our world and keeping humor alive

  • http://twitter.com/janis_tester Janis Tester

    Your video is fantastic and so are both of you! Congrats guys. You are going to rock the world.

  • Kevin B

    Super awesome guys! Can’t wait to see what comes up from your world travels!

  • Kathy D

    Congratulations on yet another leap into this interesting discovery!

  • Cheryl

    So happy to see you again!!! Sounds like a great adventure, I can’t wait.

  • Robin Carlson

    So very excited to follow you both on this new adventure. Good luck and be careful.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.murray.1690 Shannon Murray

    how exciting to follow you into this new chapter. enjoy all the moments, and stretch them into safe travels.

  • Stephanie Watts

    Awesome piece and congrats on the new adventure. Be sure to let me know if you need any help :-)

  • julia

    cool. I’ll be watching you!

  • http://pjbfcp.com/ pjbfcp

    So AWESOME!!! Congratulations you guys! I’m so excited for you!

  • Tarabud

    Living The Dream! Look forward to your new adventure.

  • Mario Rios

    Muy bien se les espera con ansias.-

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeremy.heyl.9 Jeremy Heyl

    Nice- that’s Daniel narrating as The Most Interesting Man In The World? “I don’t always eat squirrel, but when I do- it is delicious”.

  • Kevin Kossowan

    That is rad.

  • Jeremy

    So glad you guys are back! And in animation. What fun!

  • MaryQMc

    Bon Voyage, can’t wait to read/hear/travel vicariously with you two.

  • maris

    Sensational!!! So excited for you two, and for the rest of us, and for sustainable food practices all over the world! Safe and wonderful travels!

  • http://www.facebook.com/aimee.mcadams Aimee McAdams

    awesome, awesome, awesome cartoon! =)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1471034843 Teri Bedell

    so glad to learn you are doing it again! Can’t wait to see the first episode

  • Marissa

    This is awesome! Love it so much, and can’t wait to follow all your new adventures!

  • Georgianne, Chrles and Serina

    Hello travelers,
    We love what you’re doing… so daring, creative, original and most of all…essential.
    Sending Love, Georgiane, Charles and Serina (love the animation too)…brilliant!!

  • John and Shelley

    Wonderful to see how this is developing ! From a small acorn…. We’ll look forward to further adventures for our own dynamic duo as hey travel the world John and Shelley, Toronto, Canada

  • Anna Crisologo

    Can’t wait for the new season! Also, Daniel better put a ring on it…

    • danielpklein

      ha ha!

  • Neeka

    Haha.. great video guys.. any chance you come to Germany on your trip?

    • http://twitter.com/kaleandcola Mirra Fine

      Sadly, we arent making it to Germany this time. But I hope to visit in the near future.

  • http://www.facebook.com/linda.schelin.75 Linda Schelin

    Can’t wait to follow this season! Adeline is following now too!

    • http://twitter.com/kaleandcola Mirra Fine

      Thanks Linda! Thats wonderful.

  • Mousecreek

    Obviously, settling down is not on the menu.

  • Remle

    this is great!

  • Dana

    What a pleasure to learn that you’ll be taking this superb project abroad! It’s been so very instructive and often amusing.

    I can’t the original article that impressed me so, a number of years ago, but you’ll find, here, a similar example of very early culinary exchange, all across the globe, reflecting both exploration and expansionism. One example: Persia –> Egypt –> North Africa –> Spain –> Mexico.

    Here you’ll find something of a rough sketch of ‘gastronomic geography’, including reference to language and philosophical orientation, which have had great impact on both agriculture and cuisine.

    We bite blithely into apples and peaches without the faintest idea that these fruits originated in Central Asia and China …

    Anyway, great project you have ahead of you!


  • Tbedell

    We are waiting!!!! will you post the new episode on fb when it is finished?

    • danielpklein

      Yes, Monday!

  • http://www.facebook.com/nurman.noor Nurman Noor

    Looking forward to the new episodes! Any plan to stop by Australia?