Episode 147: Ethiopia!

Our last montage from our world tour with Intrepid Travel is to Ethiopia. An incredible country that you all should visit. The food, the culture, the people and of course the coffee are all amazing. Please enjoy and share this last film in the food-porn travel-saga.

11 responses to “Episode 147: Ethiopia!”

  1. Kevin Wenzel says:

    All those wonderful spices and hard working women and sexy gritty coffee. A real adventure complete with rugged beauty.

  2. Phyllis Greenspan says:

    Oh no. I’ve watched 2Xs and no sound. Did I miss something? Was it done purpose? And, I’ll miss you guys. Take care & stay safe.

  3. Feldwebel Baris says:

    All things not hygienic . You can get a disease. I don’t like it.

  4. pasturebraised says:

    So that’s how Injer is made! Fantastic guys. Love to see a coffee growing country enjoying its own product.

  5. Kevin Kossowan says:


  6. Joel Peterson says:

    Looks like you both ate incredibly well, nice technique on the bread, Mirra!

  7. Betty says:

    This is AMAZING!!! You guys captured Ethiopia so beautifully. Makes me miss home terribly and it also makes me want to break through my computer screen to taste the food and coffee. Well done! All Ethiopians need to watch this, ill gladly share

  8. Anita Cheliah says:

    Wow, looks incredible! Another amazing-looking country and cuisine to add to the list. Thank you!!

  9. Str8up-Kenya says:

    Watching this video made me hungry!! Reminds me of my meals at the Ethiopian house restaurant in Toronto

  10. Bill says:

    What’s the music?

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