Episode 135: Homeward

Tired of people leaving their community in Hidalgo, Mexico for the US, this is the story of one group of farmers’ efforts to keep people home… using organic oregano.  Special thanks to Intrepid Travel and to Rancho Gordo

21 responses to “Episode 135: Homeward”

  1. Vico says:


  2. Jude says:

    Blessings on you for sharing this story, Daniel and Mirra! xo

  3. Ej says:

    Wonderful! Can you tell us more about the dish they are preparing?

  4. Ernesto Priego says:

    Great video, thanks for making and sharing this.

  5. Tarabud says:

    Muy bueno!

  6. homer says:

    That was absolutely heart-warming. Such a gentle soul.

  7. Andrea Barrero says:

    hermoso. <3

  8. Emily Polar says:

    Tear. 🙂

  9. Itamar Martinez says:


  10. Susan Pridmore says:

    Beautiful, heartwarming, and uplifting. Perfect way to start the week. Thanks for sharing!

  11. everyman22 says:

    very beautiful – it touched my heart – thank you

  12. guest says:

    you used to do and now you take

  13. CasaCabrones says:

    salir bien de una prueba! vive!

  14. Carol says:

    so touching!! Im so proud to be mexican and share the same ideology that these people have. It melted my heart when he said he will visit other countries but by entering through the front door without risking their lives. I know you will 🙂

  15. Ana Caballero says:

    “Si el norte fuera el sur” says guatemalan
    singer songwriter Ricardo Arjona… A world upside down, one where people that
    work their land in a place like Mexico could be in the world, have acces to the world,
    through – la puerta grande. Is that too much to ask? Thank you for opening
    their door to all of us.

  16. Destin Layne says:

    Really moving, bravo to all involved in this production.

  17. enmiopinion says:

    Alguien sabe qué cocinaron? Mixiote y Barbacoa de borrego acaso? Qué rico! 🙂

  18. enriqueta dominguez garcia says:

    Delicosa la barbacoa y su consome !Platillo tipico de ese hermoso lugar Hidalgo.

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