Episode 120: A Spanish Roadtrip

We spent two weeks traveling across Spain: from Basque Country to Galicia, Andalucia and finally Barcelona.  The food and travel adventure was condensed into three minutes… Enjoy!  Special Thanks to Intrepid Travel  Films coming soon. ps. we know that Flamenco isn’t representative of each region, but it is from Spain and we love the song.

  • Bob Rembert

    Great energy guys.

  • C J Haislar


  • Gerard

    Is a great piece, I love the images and the edit, but hearing flamenco while showing images of the Basque Country and Barcelona, even Galicia is super odd. Imagine reggae music playing over images of Texas…that odd. I know it’s a cliche and it’s the easiest way to do it, but c’mon…
    Otherwise, great job!

    • danielpklein

      Haha, we knew this comment was coming. Trust me, you’d rather have one flamenco song than 4 different. I know each of these places is very autonomous – but Spain is their connector so flamenco is what we chose, and because its a really cool song.

  • http://twitter.com/ordimario Mario Rios

    Hermoso, a ver que tienes despues para ver!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/emma.bobari Emma Bob Ari

    I absolutely agree with Gerard. Flamenco is well known outside Spain but inside Spain is not a common item if you are not Andalusian (I´m madrilian living in the basque country). I can understand your point Danielpklein, but i think a normal music would have fixed better, just an advice 😉 Anyway, good work!

  • Alison Newberry

    A beautiful video! I love your opening graphics. How did you create them?

  • aimee

    wow. and yum! and wow! You guys have the best job ever. =)

  • Khaiti

    i love love love this multi image screen shot format…super classy and artistic. Wonderful tempo here and beautiful imagery. I would love it if you’d some day release a behind the scenes series of all of your world travels explaining all of what’s going on in each episode vingette (sp?). So much I’d love to know, living the travel life through your guys vicariously from the farm over here in WI! AWESOME work you two!

  • Kate

    What an enormous squid! Such a great video, loved the music with it.

  • Peter Klein

    I watched Daniel and Mirra edit this at my home in England , D&M should do a video on how to edit, because it looked like a labor of love and the love shows up in the film.

  • http://twitter.com/GarridoRua Santiago Garrido

    hmmm i was expecting much more from your trip to spain…

    or maybe its too much and so many information on so many screens that i dont get a real or concrete feeling at the end.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cindy.koreen Cindy Collyard Koreen

    Love your videos! Such class and talent!! Can’t wait to see what you have instore for us next time……..:)

  • oliva zaitum

    great overvew of spanish food! I know two minutes is not time enough to include a menction to all products of this four places, but I missed olive oil and trees…

  • ManeL

    Quick, fast, brief, intense… and lovely video of Spain! It’s true, in your case, you rode very different areas in Spain, but flamenco is a beautiful and skilful music so, as I used to say when living in Sweden, no matter where you come from in Spain, we are much closer to flamenco than polka, country music or MTV shitty bands ;D Good work and excellent choice with the music!!!

  • Matt

    This video is awesome! I lived in Barcelona for awhile and want to go back soon. Do you think you could give a list of the restaurants/places you visited?

  • Juan Antonio

    If you want to eat the best pork ham from Spain, fed with grass and acorns, totally organic, you should have gone through the region of Extremadura, western Spain, where we raise the best pigs in Spain. Derivates pork products produced in Extremadura, which are of high quality, are taken to other parts of Spain: Salamanca, Guijuelo, Andalucia and put their seal, robbing people of Extremadura, one of its flagship products. Extremadura can also eat at one of the best cheeses in the world: the Torta del Casar … besides this land is one of the most pristine in Europe, as is uninhabited and retains a natural beauty: vast forests and tracts of land, mountains , rivers, little inhabited … I encourage everyone to you to come to know. Also if Heritage is impressive, cities like Merida, retaining perhaps one of the best sets of Roman remains in Europe, or cities like Caceres, Plasencia and Trujillo, which are a World Heritage Site by Unesco, have medieval streets, palaces , castles, convents, etc. that has nothing to envy Italian regions such as Tuscany and finally, the city of Badajoz, which has one of the largest Muslim fortresses of Europe …. come, a land to discover, full of friendly people, not overcrowded with tourists, where you can eat cheap and high quality …

    • Elena

      Torta del Casar or Torta de la Serena! The second one os the home from my hometown region. And I’m afraid is underestimated :(

  • Aboutbc
  • indignacio

    Barcelona is not Catalunya… I am very disappointed with the video part of barcelona, we have many more things than bread with tomato! very bad trip.. it’s a joke…

    • danielpklein

      No no one said it was Catalunya

  • Jose

    I Will travel to galizia in a few weeks and i wonder know how could you go at a private house alnd see how they are doing the bread (min 1:35), i wish go to the same city.
    Sorry about my english… :(

  • Donatien Martinez-Labegerie

    What is that soundtrack exactly? Why americans are so stupid always?

  • Joey B

    I appreciate your sharing this journey with us, it is so amazing