Episode 127: Quality Ham

In Parma, we met Carlo Pavesi one of the men behind some of the best prosciutto in the region: La Corte dei Neri. Carlo showed us his pigs, where he ages his ham, and of course his designer handbag store. Enjoy the tradition of Parma!

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  • Joel Peterson

    Incredible product. I wonder if Mirra appreciated it at all, or if it was one of those classic episodes of her versus in the carnivores in the background.

  • foodwatcher

    this video, while interesting, is definitely not your best work. shaky camera, boring music, unnecessary swear words and I’m not sure how the handbags really added to the story, other than to emphasize the desire for quality. I love your videos, keep them coming!

  • rohn

    this is the first video that i didn’t finish watching (i think i’ve seen all of them)
    where’s the back story ??
    why should i care about the handbag guy ??
    the image of him throwing the apple in the pig muck is all i remember

    i’ve modeled my own project https://vimeo.com/album/2325693 after yours but i found this one interesting only as a reminder that it’s not about slick it’s about real

  • Pelayo

    Come to Spain and taste real Ham

  • Kate AuH2O

    this guy is a trip! loved it and i want to meet him if i win the trip to italy!

  • Prosciutto di Parma

    This is such a great video! Thank you for sharing and for spreading our story – would love to get in touch!

  • MichaelB

    Wosrt one yet. THis guy has nothing to do with his farm or the production. He just had too much money. Doesnt even know the difference between ham or shoulder!!!

    • Carlo

      Yes yes you are right!!!! Thank you!!! Is exactly what you say!!!#@# i would like to ear you explain your business in italian, this will be a great fun !!!

  • spiralgal

    Some will load and others won’t ;( This is the first time this has happened…

  • mymom51

    I’m on my way to giving up pork. He suggested the pigs were free range. Kind of like cage free chickens in a barn. Pigs are obviously very destructive animals considering the mess they are living in. I suspect that pigs are very un-green in general.

    • danielpklein

      It was an unusually rainy year apparently – they had a lot more land down below

  • Alexander Bauer

    This was a great video! While not as “gritty” as the others I still thought it was well made, the light mood was very refreshing. Carlo is a very funny guy. Well done!