Episode 139: Grass, Water, Cows

In Argentina, beef is a way of life. But over the last few decades, the traditional methods of raising cows on grass has faded away, only to be replaced by the feedlot model. At Las dos Hermanas Ranch, they maintain the old ways of managing the grass, the water and the cows.  Special thanks to Intrepid Travel.

10 responses to “Episode 139: Grass, Water, Cows”

  1. ELC says:

    Do they know about allan savory’s techniques of managing holistically? Looks like they’d be a very interested in them.

  2. Joel Peterson says:

    Beautiful as always. How was the beef, Daniel? That looked like an awful lot of fat being wedged into bread.

  3. Ramdar says:

    the bread is use as a plate not as a sandwich, the “gauchos” don’t use plates, just bread and a knife!

  4. Alison Newberry says:

    Just the “cover shot” alone for this video makes me want to watch it. What an enticing still! I always admire your artistic eye. Well done!

  5. Emily Grandoli says:

    That’s my brother! 🙂 qué orgullo… genio total!!!

  6. Machi Molina says:

    Cuanto estoy aprendiendo de vos morocho!!! Genio! te adoro!!!

  7. simon says:

    where can one get this quality meat in Buenos Aires?

  8. Genciana de Koch says:

    No solo eso nos han cambiado. La penetración cultural en aras de una codicia y especulación financiera transformó en latinoamérica el amor a la Madre Tierra y a la vida natural, trastrocando lo que lo “humano” significa. En todo sentido.

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