Episode 105: From Japan with Love (and Dashi)

This is the  first episode from Season 3 Real Food World Tour.  We spent 2 weeks in Japan, collected over 1.5 TB of footage and condensed it into a 3 minute travel/food porn extravaganza.  It’s meant to make you hungry for more (more videos and more Japanese food).  In this season we will be visiting 12 countries in partnership with Intrepid Travel.  After each journey we will be making similar short films to showcase all the wonderful food, people and scenery. We’ll also be making 2-3  documentary style films from each country.   As this is the first video of  the season, please watch and share, eat some Ramen and watch and share some more.  Look for more episodes on a bi-weekly basis.  Thanks!

19 responses to “Episode 105: From Japan with Love (and Dashi)”

  1. Fantastic….. loved Japan, been meaning to go back for ages this reminds me why!

  2. Jennifer Lindahl says:

    Wonderfully done- I can’t wait for more

  3. You guys are just absolutely killing it, in a good way that is

  4. Foody 2 and Oliver says:


  5. bubba29 says:

    great stuff….food looks incredible. what % of fish eaten over there is farm raised v.s wild caught?

  6. debra says:

    Such a fascinating and lovely video w/ so many different visual elements

  7. Kevin Wenzel says:

    A great find of the skipping rope, a universal element like the smile.
    Yes, it makes me want to visit Japan right NOW.

  8. such a tease! can we get a list of the places you liked best and why? I’m going there in April to visit my grandparents.

  9. ltcookies says:

    wow…just wow. Can’t wait for the many videos to come.
    oh and I have to ask, what on earth is she doing at 0:26? Haha.

  10. MJ says:

    Great footage, fabulous editing. Hungry now. I’ll be back for more….

  11. Ann says:

    Very cool guys!!! Can’t wait to see more!

  12. ahh… i´m watching the series from the first episode of the first season, and I can just say how impressed i´m to discover this USA, all the amazing people i met in your videos. As i´m from argentina but living in europe i saw that you are going to shoot to argentina. please let me know if there´s anything you need in my country. have fun amigos

  13. Brenda Crow says:

    Nice job guys! Excited to see what’s in store.

  14. Gabe Alvarez says:

    Cool song. What is it?

  15. I love this video! It manages to capture everything great about Japan. We can help you do all that and more next time!!

  16. John Bui says:

    Woowow! Cool song and food look like delicous.

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