Episode 111: The Middle Way

By now you are probably familiar with the food scandals that have been running rampant in China.  In the aftermath of any such situation, new movements are born.  Ms Yang is part of an effort to bring healthy and organic food to Kunming, a city in the Yunnan Province of China.  But for her it goes beyond healthy.  After graduating from University and working in business, she found a way to go back to the farm and fight for healthy and organic food. This inspiring story shares a hopeful future for food in China.  Special Thanks to Intrepid Travel.

15 responses to “Episode 111: The Middle Way”

  1. maryq says:

    Another great episode. Inspiring, indeed. Thanks!

  2. rohn says:

    wow so that’s how u do it

  3. Roxy says:

    This video is so beautiful! (Mirra, are you still filming?) Keep it up you guys, it’s inspiring!

  4. I could listen to her speak all day – so soft spoken.

  5. I debated whether or not I should read your blog post before watching this. I’m glad I did read it first, because I appreciated your work even more.

    Pulling focus while filming by yourself is a pain. Great work, Mirra.

  6. Definitely left me teary eyed.

  7. if only there were more people in the world like her and her family, so aware and quietly hopeful. very sweet little episode. keep making great work guys.

  8. Erik Schmitz says:

    inspiring is the word

  9. Bax924 says:

    Where in Kunming is her restaurant? I live in Kunming and would LOVE to visit her place!!

    • Chris Horton says:

      It’s in the Jinding Loft 1919 compound on Jindingshan Bei Lu, a road on the north side of the western end of Xuefu Lu. In zone B. Great food and great people.

  10. JR Riel says:

    With all of this anti-GMO sentiment going around, (it’s even overtaken my small island home of Molokai, Hawaii), it was refreshing to find a video on responsible farming and organic food. I think this film takes asubject that can be so heated and often times turned into a negative thing, and helps us to see the happy and healthy alternatives that are out there. Great compilation and very inspiring!

  11. Judy Okten says:

    reminds me that it’s not as simple as ‘eat this food or avoid this one’ — t’s just as important to see where the food comes from & how it’s made…

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