Episode 118: Coconut: Nose to Tail

In Sri Lanka, the coconut is, in a sense, a source of life. Not only it is the main ingredient in most Sri Lankan dishes, but the entire coconut tree — From the roots to the coconut itself to the tips of the leaves — plays a major role in the non-culinary ways of life.  Without the coconut, things in Sri Lanka would be very different. We spent the day with a family of 8 on their coconut plantation outside of Negombo, where they showed us all this fruit (nut?) has to offer. Special Thanks to Intrepid Travel.

18 responses to “Episode 118: Coconut: Nose to Tail”

  1. Lisa says:

    Great video as usual! I have started incorporating coconut oil in my diet, in addition to putting it on my hair, as I understand the molecular structure differs from other saturated fats, making it more healthy. Do you cook with it? If so, in what recipes?

  2. the scene of the mother cleaning off the young boy’s face after he had taken a messy bite at the end is perfection…

  3. Neill Kramer says:

    Lovely nut but even more lovely, the people

  4. I am a coconut maniac. If only they grew in California; I’d have a mini-grove in my backyard.

  5. Chrishanti Senanayake says:


  6. Preeti says:

    Loved the video–but why was the music playing at a different speed? Reminds me of when we would play 33 rpm records at 45 rpm. Was that intentional?

  7. Roxy Lerner says:

    Love this video. Can I come with you next trip?

  8. JR Riel says:

    Yes, I LOVED this one. I grew up surrounded by coconuts, but never knew how much it meant to others.

  9. Foody2 and Oliver says:

    Mirra and Daniel this is beautiful. This family seems so appreciative of what they have-the mother especially full of joy. Another gift! Thank you.

  10. D.Gunatilaka says:

    Love it except the music. Coconut is the most important tree in Sri Lanka.
    Right now dreaming of drinking the water from a “king coconut”.

  11. Paul says:

    You really summed up the essence of this fruit and its importance in this culture. I’m jealous that you all get to see this first hand. At the same time I know I’m blessed to have found these videos in my corner of the world.

  12. Sandra says:

    I love young green coconut. Hard to find here. I’ve been using brown and white coconuts. Just opened two this morning. Between them not even 1/2 cup coconut water came out! Anybody know where I can get young green coconut whole? I’m in Florida.

  13. Time Travel Plans says:

    Love this video…shared it on my FB page. Love the music too!

  14. Susyq Susanne Larsson says:

    Lovely video thank you for sharing <3

  15. Inna says:


  16. Yuko.A says:

    Sooo great!! I’ve never known that coconut story!

  17. i love this, thanks for share

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