Episode 119: Do Not Blame The Sea

In 2004, the Tsunami that hit Sri Lanka killed 8 members of this small fishing family. And yet today, they still fish (either on stilts or in a boat) because they have to do it to survive. The family lives in a small hut with a back “window” that opens onto the ocean — the same sea that gives life also takes it away.  Special Thanks to Intrepid Travel.

8 responses to “Episode 119: Do Not Blame The Sea”

  1. Neill Kramer says:

    Another excellent portrait. Thank you.

  2. Tom Boyden says:

    Lot of emotion evoked in 5 minutes, lovely as usual.

  3. Roxy Lerner says:

    Thanks Guys, I was mezmerized by this video.

  4. JR Riel says:

    This was a truly touching story. You’re right, it deserves to gain traction and be seen more I tweeted it just now, hope it helps!

    • JR Riel says:

      The story of the mother who follows her son to the sea every day brought tears to my eyes. Growing up on a small island in Hawaii, we were raised living off of the sea, and I see my mom in that woman.

  5. Foody 2 and Oliver says:

    Hopeful, painful, poignant, real. Thank you.

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