Episode 124: 10 Things We Love About Italy

We traveled across Italy to make this short film, searching out some of our favorite foods (we know, mozzarella is missing), seeing how they are produced (and eaten).Enjoy!

Music by Domo Emigrantes: myspace.com/domoemigrantes “Pizzica di San Vito”

78 responses to “Episode 124: 10 Things We Love About Italy”

  1. Lara Steve says:

    LOVE this video! Italy is my favorite place to travel IN THE WORLD! Might have something to do with my Italian heritage! Great representation of all the beautiful and best parts that Italy has to offer. Love that you guys hooked up with Katie Parla in Rome — I’ve been following her blog for a long time and just recently downloaded her iPhone app for my upcoming trip to Italy!

    • danielpklein says:

      we didn’t actually get to meet Katie (she was out of town), we just emailed a lot! her app is amazing

  2. Kevin O says:

    Hey! There’s totally a shot of you getting engaged in there, isn’t there! 🙂

  3. karen Stark says:

    we already have a trip planned. any suggestions on where to go?

    • danielpklein says:

      Marche is a really cool area of italy that is slightly less explored. also, the South (we didn’t make it, but apparently amazing)

  4. Kitchen Vignettes says:

    Wow. I want to be there. Amazing video you guys!! Made my day, now I have to watch it again.

  5. Jennifer Lindahl says:

    When Chuck and I win the trip to Italy you guys will have to come and farm sit, and kids sit, oh and dog and cat sit. Well maybe not a lot of sitting but what will we care we will be in Italy!!

  6. Brett says:

    you totally left out the Ferrari & Sophia Loren

  7. Tommy W says:

    What is the song that is playing?

  8. Eroos says:

    Oh I am missing it SO much… and spritz especially!

  9. Damiano says:

    it’s fine to see Italy with the eyes of people which comes from another country and love what our land has to give in terms of food, people, products, “terroir”, agelong experiences and so on. We have so many problems here, and in particular I have some hard feelings with my country, but when I see people like you that appreciate it this way, I’m also proud, and… happy.

    • danielpklein says:

      This was such a nice comment. Thank you. We loved Italy (of course) and can’t wait to go back.

    • Fabio says:

      Ciao Damiano, you got exactly the point. For the length of the film I was so proud, probably like I have never been, seeing how two foreigners enjoy Italy, something that I am not able to do anymore. Guys, happy days, you made an amazing film. Congrats!!!

    • june999 says:

      You have so wonderful and rich and unbelievably beautiful country that my eyes hurt and I wonder how people can live in such beauty everyday :).
      All have problems – but problems can be fixed if you look at all the heritage and beauty of people, nature, food, culture and appreciate all that to the full.
      Just came back from Italy and already miss it !

  10. pasturebraised says:

    Oh man y’all, this one is a doozy, Mozzarella will have to get over it, those Parmesan wheels are unreal.

  11. Finn says:

    3:31 with the prosciutto: are you recording… audio? What kind of sound was it making?
    Thanks for another inspiring short.

  12. Gloria Alville Virumbrales says:

    Hola, los truffeles, son champiñones?

  13. Simona says:

    I enjoyed your short film a lot and will certainly share it with others. I can imagine how hard it was to pare down the choices to 10. Any selection is bound to leave out important elements of Italy’s complex heritage. It is clear that you two had a great time exploring Italy. Thank you for your lovely tribute to my country.

  14. Joan Potter says:

    What a feast for the eyes! Love this quick little peek into a few of Italy’s wonderful treats. Thanks for bringing back some great memories of a trip to Italy a few years ago… I’m ready to go back!

  15. masa says:

    bene… tutto bene

  16. joseph campagna says:

    I really enjoyed the background music along with wanting to taste all the food.

  17. sandra salerno says:

    Thanks Mirra & Daniel! I’m love it and thanks for your precious job

  18. JayMart says:

    We took an organized bus tour, but we felt it didn’t bring us closer to the country in the way you say your Interpid Travel does. After I have seen Travi Fountain in Rome, I was charmed and since then I feel the pull to return. You know, we took the photos of tossing the coins………but, in our excitement, forgot to make a “wish”. My wish is to return soon and explore more of beautiful Italy. After returning home, I have seen documentary about Fountains of Rome and was excited that there are so many absolutely magical fountains in Rome. Now I really have to go back to see them all.

    • danielpklein says:

      I hope your wish comes true. thanks for the comment

    • Cinque Figlie says:

      I made a wish 30 years ago at Trevi Fountain, that if ever I had a daughter I would take her to Italy. I had 5 daughters – “cinque figlie”. My wish came true last year when I took all 5 to Italy. So, wishes/dreams do come true for the patient. (Dare I say I made another wish when I arrived “full circle” at Trevi!!)

  19. capturinglavita says:

    BRILLIANT!!! Fantastico! Right through my soul….

  20. SilviadaVigevano says:

    I am very proud of Italy…. and I hope every italian.

    We’ve just to setlle our politic and kick off 80% of our politicians now….

  21. filippo says:

    bravi bravi bravi …emotional…

  22. Elisa says:

    wonderful!!! thanks from Italy <3

  23. Tana Barre says:

    I am just planning a solo trip to Italy and now I’m even more excited to go. Thank for the video 🙂

  24. Kate AuH2O says:

    I really hope I win – I want to go eat pasta and parmesan and gelato!

  25. Andreea says:

    I am in love with Italy! Beautiful film…it brings back so many wonderful memories!

  26. Elyse says:

    Oh so wonderful!! I see why Lara is such a big fan of yours!!

  27. Valerie says:

    Beautiful film – very well put together to highlight these foods. But for the best food in Italy you have come south!!

  28. Frank says:

    What is the song???!!

    • Sabrina says:

      A popular Italian folk dance, originally from the Salento peninsula (in Apulia region)

      The pinch is a folk dance that is particularly attributed to Salento (is a geographic region coincident with the southern Italian region of Apulia, between the Ionian Sea to the west and the Adriatic Sea to the east), In addition to being played in the festive moments of individual households or entire communities, it was also the main accompaniment of ritual ethnocoreographic tarantismo.

      Thereby, it has been performed by orchestras composed of various instruments – including the emerging frame drum and violin for their rhythmic and melodic characteristics – in order to “exorcise” the women tarantate and heal them. Pizzica di San Vito of the Normans has a particularity: it was believed that the tarantata tarantato or, if he had been bitten by the spider into the water, he could heal from the crisis only if the dance had taken place in the water (water tarantula).

      The text of the ballad sings of love of a man for his beloved, extolling the beauty of her hair blacks lips as red as cherries, and urges her to go to him when called. Here, if you want you can find the text in Salentino dialect and translated into Italian —> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogjlriOKShg 😉

  29. Angela says:

    Fabulous – thanks for creating that little Gem.

  30. Ro Ybarra says:

    Awesome video! I love Italy too, this made me want to go running to my favorite italian restaurant in Mexico City, La Lanterna!

  31. Cynthia says:

    I’m an expat in Puglia where I have been living and loving la bella vita, wine, food and great people for the past 20 years.
    You guys gave a great peek at the true heart and soul of Italy: the small farmers and artisans who dedicate so much passion to the production of excellent wine, pasta, cheese, coffee, etc and yet receive so little recognition. THIS is the Italy that I love to share with friends and one that I believe really allows to experience a slice of daily life and passion for this land, it’s produce and wonderful people.
    It’s ironic that even though you weren’t able to fit mozzarella in this trip you paid tribute to the land of mozzarella (Puglia) with you choice of music. The pizzica is a mystical and powerful folk music from Salento (southern Puglia) and runs in their veins just as their fabulous wines and olive oil do.
    So….when you’re ready for “10 MORE things we love about Italy” head down to the land of olive oil and mozzarella!

  32. Foody2 and Oliver says:

    It’s difficult to type because I’m salivating all over the keys!!! Brilliant!!! Amazing to watch and listen to. Didn’t want it to end. You bring honor to the James Beard Award.

  33. Vanessa e Bartolomeo Occhipint says:

    congrats! bellissimo video! My husband and I wanted to know the name of this music, if possible. thanks!

  34. dreamofitaly says:

    This is AWESOME! I’m posting this on the Dream of Italy blog – http://www.dreamofitaly.com

  35. Noemi says:

    I am so glad you guys finally came to Italy ! Great videos =D

  36. Carlos says:

    The best thing about italy, for me, are the People.

  37. rachel says:

    beautiful video!

  38. f carter says:

    I guess we went to Italy at the wrong time of the year…..upon arriving the cap drivers want to charge twenty bucks just to take across the street. we paid over a hundred dlls to the so call hotel. we at a Chinese restaurant where they throw the food at you and expect a big tip.we found dead fly’s in our coke at McDonald’s. Italian restaurants serve a portion of food for a kid, and the taste HUHU!
    THE bath tub to take a shower was for a small child not for a grown person. I was ripped by a pick pocket police will not come to the scene, they did a half ass investigation, they cared less, they blame everything on the Gypsies. Blacks from Africa and other immigrants wander the streets looking an easy pick……we saw the pope and good by Italy…and they talk about Mexico????

    • Georgiana says:

      WOW this really makes me think twice about going alone to Italy, my grandfather was born in Benevento in Naples and many people have said I should not go there alone because the crime rate is so bad. Sadly I think the whole world is coming undone. I do think the only safe way to go and enjoy Italy is to have lotsssssssssssss of money and stay as the rich and famous can, it’s still a dream of mine to one day make the trip, God willing I will.

    • TERRYC says:


  39. Dan says:

    What is the song in the video? I tried to Shazam it but it wasn’t recognized.

  40. dansoloway says:

    Daniel, amazing work! After just getting back from 9 days in Italy on a food tour I was happy to be sent your film. The food culture in Italy is fantastic – steeped in tradition and love. Continued success. Dan (formerly per se and Bouchon Bakery)

  41. dellacucinapovera says:

    I just happened upon this video today and rode a rollercoaster of emotions; It gave me the warm fuzzies, made me homesick, and made me terribly proud. Thank you for capturing just a few of the many reasons to love food and travel, and all the things they connect.

  42. Camilla Calò says:

    amazing video. thank you, grazie grazie grazie.

  43. Jon says:

    Hi Daniel and Mirra, just walked back to see again the videos you made at Italy… and I think it’ll be nice to see what the people from the Balsamico told you… could you make a post about that? I heard is very important to make difference between the real Aceto Balsamico (reserved in those beautiful barrels) and not the fake one sold in supermarkets made by mixing common vinegar and caramel… keep fighting with your nice job!

  44. Matteo says:

    video, if you are a billionaire, of
    course. Absolutely a triumph of the
    stereotype. Unfortunately, most of the Italians are forced to eat junk food.
    The Oxfam report 2013 attests that the
    relationship between the quality and the price of food in Italy is one of the
    worst in Europe. Save the Children says that a million of Italian children is
    living below the poverty line , with strong nutrition problems. I do not feel
    particularly proud to be Italian. This is the reason why postcard-images for wealthy tourists leave me
    totally indifferent.


  45. Peter says:


  46. Nanci says:

    Mille Grazia! Gorgeous country…smiling, friendly people!!! Cannot WAIT to return!!

  47. Mariangela Caligiuri says:

    Awesome video! There is much to be proud of about being Italian!!!

  48. Pandosyo Pandosyo says:

    A story of a country which doesn’t exist anymore. Greetings from Rome

  49. Umberto says:

    We have a lot of trouble and problems within our society, our politics and so on…but then when I see that foreigners notice all these beautiful shades of our Country, well I’m proud of being Italian. Thank you very much, this is such a well done and beautiful film!

  50. clare webber says:

    I just came back from Milan and then Lake Como…..I have been to Italy many times and every time I return home I feel once again as if I have been born in the wrong place!!! and it seems to be getting worse as a feeling so next time I just might stay!!!!

  51. Peter says:


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