Episode 123: Future Fish

Veta La Palma is a fish farm that takes “sustainable” to a whole new level. Inspired by Dan Barber’s TED talk on the subject, we made the trek out one windy afternoon to the flooded wetlands of Southern Spain to learn about this alternative approach to growing fish. Enjoy.  Special thanks to Intrepid Travel and Veta La Palma.

4 responses to “Episode 123: Future Fish”

  1. Santiago Garrido Rua says:

    very nice story and great character. good work guys!

  2. Jon says:

    Beautiful example of sustainable production. Thanks for the video.

  3. Cindy Collyard Koreen says:

    Another interesting video! Good job you two!

  4. SoCal88 says:

    This is the sort of thinking and doing that gives me hope for the future. Very well done!!

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