Episode 140: Con Sentido (With Meaning)

Mate is Argentina’s national drink. The earthy tea was first enjoyed by the Indigenous people of Eastern Paraguay — originally harvested from under the jungle’s canopy. Now it is responsible for deforestation in Northern Argentina. Guayakí and Alex Pryor want to change that by bringing the plant back to its native environment. Watch this film to learn about the drink, its place in the world, and in the culture of sharing. Special thanks to Intrepid Travel.

4 responses to “Episode 140: Con Sentido (With Meaning)”

  1. Juan González Pérez says:

    Mate also taken in Uruguay.
    You are welcome to our country to try our food and culture.
    Warm regards.

  2. Jesse Brede says:

    I love Guayaki! Great drink and great cause.

  3. natanielmetz says:

    I live in southern Brazil.
    Every day, every single day, I arrive early at my work and prepare my mate.
    I can really understand what this video says…

  4. Great, i like it. First time i tried mate was by some clients from argentina while visiting Morocco.

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