Neal’s Yard Dairy

Another break from our Intrepid content, here is a film we made about the incredible cheese shop in London that buys, sells and ages the best of British cheese. Made in partnership with the new and excellent food/film app FoodieTV and a special thanks to Neal’s Yard Dairy for letting us crash their cheese arches.

6 responses to “Neal’s Yard Dairy”

  1. laura says:

    magic. beautiful. thank you!

  2. Kevin Wenzel says:

    Thank you for once again inspiring us.

  3. Cookinguy says:

    I love the cheese shop near Burrough Market. Great cheeses and the friendliest sales people in the city.

  4. sandy says:

    To The Reader
    Dear Lady, I beg you
    To cook as you please,
    But don’t overlook the
    Importance of cheese!

    As a casserole topping
    All bubbly and brown,
    It will make your fine cooking
    The talk of the town.

    As a spread for a sandwich
    Or a puffy soufflé
    It will help you to cope
    On your busiest day.

    Its tang and its flavor
    Will tempt and will tease;
    ‘Most all of your dishes
    Can be sharpened with cheese!

    The Editor
    From The ABC of Cheese Cookery,

  5. Foody2 and Oliver says:

    Another inspired work of art.

  6. Kevin Kossowan says:

    I adore that shop. Great story, well done.

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