Episode 11: Dusk, Wind, Farm

Another video that is not for the squeemish, or fast forward the first 40 seconds and you should be fine.  This episode is about a very small farm with a diverse set of animals and a lovely family trying to make good food – Duskwind Farm.  As always, there are things to learn about growing, killing and eating animals, but I usually come out learning something about people.  I hope you enjoy….

Oh and we reached the fundraising goal!  Thanks!

  • http://www.thegoodcooknj.blogspot.com The Good Cook

    Another beautiful story of people trying to do right by their children, the land and themselves.

    I am always amazed at people who can’t stand to watch a chicken (or pig or cow or whatever) be killed for food. Where do they think their food comes from? When done with respect for the animal it can be a spiritual moment. And as the old Indian proverb goes "Take time to thank the food"

    So glad you reached your fund raising goal, I’m looking forward to additional episodes.


  • Booogie Longo

    I really liked this one. And they’re getting longer too!

  • Maureen Rejali

    I loved this episode! I really loved how the woman talked about how our bodies know what to do, but we have stopped trusting our bodies. That is so true!! I also adored the little girl-and her pudgy hands-love that!! Maureen

  • Nick

    Hey there is no sound for this video — I assume there was at some point. Maybe its just temporary. Anyways, I would like to watch it so i hope you can get the sound up for this again!!

  • Daniel Klein

    Hey Nick, did you try the sound again? I’ve had no other complaints, so it is probably an issue with your sound. Sorry I can’t help.

  • http://www.kevinkossowan.com/ Kevin

    Again, shocking the sacrifice farmers like this have to make in order to get by doing the right thing. It must be very rewarding for them to see their daughter grow up with that lifestyle being the norm.

  • http://mrandmrshalpern.blogspot.com Mike

    I really enjoyed how happy the little girl was while helping her mom and dad. She really got in there when you were processing that bird. Really talks the stigma away from where meat comes from.

    Thanks for sharing


  • Celeste Gustafson

     Oh. Wow. The part with pulling the eggs and the heart out is really intense. And the comment that is it really a pain but really satisfying. I think that is what I am going for.