Episode 9: chickens and eggs

Backyard chickens are all the rage, and here is the story of the eight new members of my family.. ¬†Watch them go through a cute stage, an ugly teenager stage.. and then learn how to slow scramble your eggs (not my chicken’s eggs, those won’t be ready until August).

  • http://www.videohaiku.com Kevin Obsatz

    I love the emerging dialectic between you and your vegetarian girlfriend! Very interesting!

    Question: Audio issues again, beginning around 4:39?

  • http://www.thegoodcooknj.blogspot.com The Good Cook

    I smiled it when your girlfriend said, "I love them"… I have to agree with her as chicks are just about the cutest things…

    Fiddleheads, spring radishes, mixed greens and fresh eggs. Yum.

    I like my scrambled eggs the french way, when they are just about set, off heat stir in a tablespoon (or two) of heavy cream.

    Keep us posted on the chickens!

  • Anderson Renawalt

    Thank you for the guide to the eggs. Might make them for my wife in the morning!

  • http://www.kevinkossowan.com/ Kevin

    I’ve been considering going down this road for some time now – have read lots, but nice to see some video of your experience. I’m a believer in the difference in egg quality. A lot gets said about the yolks, but I find the albumen is shockingly different as well – isn’t runny, and kind of stands up in the pan when frying relative to lesser quality eggs. Hope you continue to have good successes with the birds.

  • http://mrandmrshalpern.blogspot.com Mike

    I really enjoy owning chickens, it is very rewarding and the eggs from free range chickens have been shown to be far healthier than the cage variety sold at the store

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  • http://hollycunningham.com Holly

    I tried hens for the first time last spring with mixed success. Last month I moved across country so I decided to rehome them, and I can say even though I was frustrated by the end of the year with the challenges, I already miss them and look forward to doing it again soon. But between genetic disorders, predator attacks, and illness, those babies cost me a hefty bundle. I would’ve had to have sold about 200 dozen eggs just to break even. Not a cheap hobby, but totally worth it in my opinion!