Episode 51: Kids, Cows and Ice Cream

This week we really went for the cute factor.  I filmed at Cedar Summit Farm and then made ice cream with my little cousins: Ella, Charlotte and Savannah.  With so little left to film during the Minnesota winter, using the snow from my backyard to create some ice cream was the solution.

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  • http://twitter.com/OpenCarbon Peter Klein

    love meat 2

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Janeen-Covlin/531960833 Janeen Covlin

    very cute!! the cleanliness of the cows left a little to be desired but homemade icecream is the best – I have to agree!

    • Anonymous

      yeah, cows get dirty in the winter.

  • Angela Mannila

    Ice cream makes me want to wave my spoon and yell “more!” as well. : )

  • Gushue_8

    Cute video but I do agree with Janeen that the filthy cows and machine threw me off….YUCK! Certainly doesn’t promote real milk as healthy and nutritious. I don’t even think CAFO cows are that filthy and their dirty milk is destined for ultra pasteurization. In other words they ‘boil the shit out of it’

    • sickofourfood

      yah…and RUIN IT

    • Anonymous

      The cows are dirty in the winter, I don’t think there is a way of getting around that. This milk was pasteurized, just not homogenized. The cows are eating grass which is what would make it more healthy and nutritious.

    • Abid

      Are you kidding me,

    • sickofourfood

      what did you want, the cows to be freshly manicured and groomed???

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=6818365 Cameron Moser

      It’s the problem of having people with some idealized version of the natural world, where dirt doesn’t exist.  It’s a cow, it’s living outside, what can it be if not dirty.  It lies in the dirt!  It’s an animal, not a painting and not some inane actualization of your rural idyll.

  • sz

    I used to have a 50 cow dairy in a tie stall barn and the cows were clean. The cows spent 90% of their time indoors in the winter (Dec through March in upstate NY). We used tons of bedding and keep them clipped and brushed. In summer the cows were out on pasture except to come in for milking. All of this changed when small farmers were forced out of business. Now it’s all big nasty farms with cows wallowing in filth. I would rather milk a goat than drink milk from cows that are as dirty as those in this little film clip.

    • Jasmine802

      I support small farmers. I buy farmer’s milk all the time. So sorry to hear you went out of business. I wish i could of helped bc i would love to buy from you. I go to UnSq farmer’s market and buy from Milk Thistle or Ronny Brook.

    • Jasmine802

      when I saw the cows in this episode, wow, arent they just beautiful!! They are WONDERFUL !!I thank them for giving us food, their milk, so we can make cheese and cream. I THANK THEM!! I hope people think about the beautiful cows when they eat ice cram, when they put milk in their coffee. We should appreciate and be humble about our food. We should treat animals no less then we treat each other.

  • Jasmine802

    10 egg yolks?! is there a recipe with less egg yolks? I use to make ice cream with a machine and i don’t remember i need to use that many egg yolks.

  • Jasmine802

    i dont think the cows are dirty. So , they have some hay on them what’s the big deal ! Isn’t it great to see the baby cow with the mommy cow!

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