Episode 7: Hunting Morels

The sound issues should be fixed!

I’m very excited about this episode.  Not only did filming result in delicious eating, but the show is coming out right in the middle of the season.  I shot this last week and put it at top priority so you could learn about finding morels and then give it a shot.  I hope more of the episodes will be like this: IN SEASON.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the morel mushroom.  It is the Minnesota state fungi and it is delicious.  Coveted around the world, it only grows wild for a couple weeks a year.  Currently selling in stores at close to $50 a pound, it’s the best tasting treasure hunt I’ve had.

  • http://www.thegoodcooknj.blogspot.com The Good Cook

    Ah! Morels! I found myself grinning every time you found one! Is there anything more beautiful than a perfectly sauteed morel? This is the first year I actually have had enough that I have some frozen.

    Can you stand just two observations? When hunting morels, it is better for the morel if you cut them off, rather than snap of tear them. This way you don’t damage the "mother" plant. And the music is way too loud on this video – I couldn’t hear the dialog. I would post this video on my food blog, but my readers would complain about the sound quality. akk… so sorry for the criticism, I hope you take it as constructive, as this is the spirit it is given.

    Happy Shroom eating.

  • Daniel Klein

    Hey Good Cook,

    Thanks for the feedback. We forgot a knife, that’s why we had to snap or tear the morels.

    About the sound, someone else had mentioned the music being too loud as well, did you find this throughout the whole episode? It sounds fine on my computer. At several points it is meant to be loud.


  • http://www.thegoodcooknj.blogspot.com The Good Cook


    The music is only too loud during the vocals (you and the shroom hunter talking and you in the kitchen) – it gets louder when it is supposed to. I love the videos. I practice seasonality and locavorism and try to preach it to my students and readers as often as I can (without being labeled a town-crier). I really admire what you are doing. Best of Luck!


  • Daniel Klein

    Hey TCG,

    The sound should be fixed, thanks for pointing out your issue. Let me know if you want to post it on your site!

  • http://www.thegoodcooknj.blogspot.com The Good Cook
  • Teresa M

    Holy smokes… I tried to watch this on May 11, and there was like NO sound at all… just a sort of watery, muffled noise in the background. I could tell that there was music in there, and talking, and the two sounded balanced (in that both were equally soft and incomprehensible) but I could not hear one single word after the intro (which played fine).

    Maybe it depends on computer platform and system? I am on a Macintosh system, running Tiger. I’ve had no problems with your other videos, just this one (which is too bad, because I’d like to hear what the guy is saying!).

    • Patricia

      I had the same problem, little or no sound.

  • http://www.kevinkossowan.com/ Kevin

    I just met some folks who picked something like 300lbs of morels over 3 weekends – I know, insane – and they gave me a lunch bag full of dried ones. I’m hoping to have some success with the dried ones, as I can’t say I have yet. I far prefer fresh mushrooms in general. They’re picking in a recent controlled burn area, btw.

  • http://mrandmrshalpern.blogspot.com Mike

    Your quite the cook. That sure looked tasty. Keep up the good work.


  • Kelsy

    can barely hear so annoying aaahhhhh

  • Nikkicounts

    Morels have to be washed, they have bugs and may have snakes in them

    • Piggykid

      you are stupid

    • MorelMan

      You are an idiot, and obviously haven’t hunted for morels.  No snakes…you du-maass! 

    • tsequani

      I always soak mine in salt water to kill the bugs and little worms that sometimes get inside the little nooks and crannies of the morels.

  • bps

    The sound on this video is pitiful. The people sound as though they are talking underwater – far away underwater. Virtually unwatchable because of this. I completely gave up after enduring this torture for a minute or two. Like someone else who complained about the sound, I am on a Mac. I’m running OS 10.6.7 (Snow Leopard) and FireFox 3.6.16.

    • Patricia

      I continue to have the same experience, and I’m also on a Mac with Snow Leopard.

    • LakerLindy

      Lose the Mac.

    • TX

      For Macs, go to System Preferences -> Audio and move the balance completely to the right. Remember to switch it back once you’re done.

  • Anonymous

    There are sound issues for this episode on some computers, there is nothing we can do about it. Thank you.

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  • Pbcpresley

     Each hunt is an adventure––Nature’s elusive gift

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