Season 1

Episode 12: Wild Edibles

It’s an amazing thing to walk down the street and to pick up a weed or a flower and eat it.  It’s a skill that I know little about, but have been learning and enjoying.  This episode explores some of the common edibles that you may see around town or in the woods.  I also show how to cook some of the greens.  Check out the full recipe and go out and eat those weeds.

Special thanks to  herbalist Lise Wolff for sharing some of her edible knowledge.

Note: It is not encouraged to eat Milkweed raw as some say it is poisonous.  Also, the smaller the plant, the better and the stalks are the best part.  If you read online about Milkweed, many say you should boil it three times.  This is no longer considered to be true.  If you find the milkweed to be bitter, don’t eat it as you could be eating the supposedly poisonous relative, you could get sick if you eat a lot.  BEFORE picking wild foods, PLEASE get yourself a few field guides.  My favorite are the Samuel Thayer books.