Episode 39: Frozen Eggs

Minnesota is certainly living up to its Siberian winter image this year. We got 20 inches of snow on Saturday, and the temperature right now is -8 Fahrenheit.    Despite the cold, our chickens are outside braving the weather like champs — laying eggs and eating our table scraps.  This episode is for them, and about them.

Featured Recipe:kale and cheddar quiche
  • Cerabella Brown

    Nice butt shots.

    Good looking food too.

    You're better than Keller

  • http://kscreates.tumblr.com/ Kent Schoberle

    Gotta love chickens. And adapting to unforeseen recipe complications. It adds a great personal touch! I am definitely going to make that quiche. Do you feed your chicken onion/garlic scraps too? I heard that gives the eggs a strange flavor. I haven't experimented yet.

  • http://www.kevinkossowan.com/ Kevin

    Oh, how I want chickens. This spring, hopefully. It's illegal here, unfortunately, so it may not go well.

    Quiches are on my list of 'should but don't'.

  • http://lavidaleipprandt.blogspot.com Katie

    So I'm just now watching and think this is my favorite episode yet. Both for your commentary and the chicken footage. Glad to know my Georgia chickens are ok without a heater.

  • Daniel Klein

    Hey Katie, thanks for watching. Your GA chickens should be super ok, considering how cold it is here. It means a lot that you watch the show.

  • Lisa, Laura and Mike

    Daniel! Loved the chicken episode– fun to watch after feeding Lisa's chickens here at Two Pony Gardens! Very best wishes for a Happy New Year, hope to share a few meals together in 2011– the sooner the better!

    Laura (and Mike and Lisa too)

  • dave

    Great video. Your quiche reminded me of eating fresh eggs with squash blossoms on late July mornings on my uncle's farm.

  • Bob Wood

    Was just surfing huffpost's 'food' section and was grabbed by a headline saying 'the best food show you haven't heard of' or something like that. I was thrilled when I found out you're doing this out of Minnesota, as I've been living here for about 4 years now. I'm also a huge fan of all the renown chefs you've worked with so I was inclined to watch and I must say, you seem to know a lot about gastronomy. I dig it man!

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  • jp

    FINALLY, someone who actually shows a slight error that occurred while they were cooking on video! Thanks for keeping it real, Daniel Klein!