Episode 54: To Catch a Frog

I want to remind you that The Perennial Plate is about sustainable and ADVENTUROUS food. Such is the case this week with catching, killing and eating Arkansas frogs. I’ve always been a fan of frog legs, but I’ve never had anything close to as delicious as these very fresh legs. The whole process of meeting some strangers in the middle of the night to go out frogging in some Arkansas backwaters was intimidating… but most folks are good folks and Nic and Hunter were no exception.  NOTE: as with any food, know your source, frog’s are not a guilt free sustainable food, for more info visit: www.savethefrogs.com

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  • Info

     well done on the face of our Vegi girl

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Johnson/1396962985 Mark Johnson

     Interesting & delicious! Looks like I’ll have to check into a frog hunt in the future.

  • Thegoodcook

     You can buy nice plump frogs in China Town, NY – but somehow the hunting I bet makes them taste better! 

  • http://www.ericwolfinger.com Eric Wolfinger

     You’re killing it dude! 

  • Amy

     Poor Mirra!! For once I really sympathize with you. The frog head banging was a bit much even for a carnivore like me. I think those boys could find a better way to dispatch those frogs.

  • Willowbendgarden

    OK, Daniel, I met you when you were preparing a couple of lovely veggie mushroom dishes in Fayetteville. We loved the Sweden Creek Mushrooms.  This episode is just way too ‘wacked’ for my liking.  I am w/ Mirra…should have had more clips of her face while you were offing that poor frog. But I will still be looking for the episodes I can turn my vegan friends on to.
    Peace and courage,

    • Anonymous

      next week will be vegan! 

  • Anonymous

     A little research on google seems to indicate that the swift blow to the head is the most painless way to kill a frog, if you want to eat it. A bit like killing a fish. This is all part of eating meat, imho.

  • Murray

     Your quote summed it all up. Keep up the good work and thank you for this blog!

  • Rachel Wilson

     Serious adventure! This is a great episode. Entertaining and well put together, keep it up you guys!

  • disappointed

    since when is smacking frog brains on the side of a boat worth the laughter?  Cruel.  Unjustifiable 

    • Anonymous

      I wasn’t laughing at the dead frog, but rather the strange situation that I found myself in.  backwoods AR, guts on my face, middle of the night.  can see how you could see it otherwise though.

  • John Deer

    Daniel, can you tell us where in Arkansas?  I’m from the North East Arkansas area and grew up doin the same thing.  That’s my people! Keep up the great work and don’t worry about the critics. 

    • Anonymous

      Trumann, AR. Thanks!

      • http://www.facebook.com/peejaybee Phillip J. Birmingham

        Heh, I grew up in Jonesboro.  I think I went gigging for frogs once — never really got into frog legs.

      • Britt K Paul

        oh :) didn’t scroll down before asking my question

  • Anon2007

     Did anyone read the quote at the end? That’s how they kill frogs. Either watch it, or don’t.

  • C Vendel

    I have been watching your episodes for months, really amazing stuff, and actually inspirational, to keep eating sustainable foods, are you going to try noodling for catfish while down South?? 
    Chris in MN

    • Anonymous

      next week Chris!

      • C Vendel

        I cannot wait!  Your cider story inspired me to make cider from the pears on my backyard pear tree

  • http://www.zonnah.com Zonnah

    I enjoy seeing how people in different areas do things, I loved it and thanks for sharing!

  • Elise R.

    Great filmmaking!  You continue to expose me to things I didn’t know about.  Wonderful episode!!

  • DanielL

    I used to catch lots of frogs when I was young. It wasn’t for food though. but I didn’t go out to hunt them. I just sat down and slowly swung setaria, then within a minute a  frog would try to eat it. and once they catch it, they wouldn’t let it go easy. So I could catch 30 or more frogs in a half hour. 

  • http://www.savethefrogs.com SAVE THE FROGS!

    Frogs worldwide are rapidly going extinct and the frog legs trade is a significant contributor to the problem:

    It is extremely misleading for your website to bill itself as one of “sustainable eating” while at the same time endorsing the removal of frogs from the wild and thus contributing to the extinction of the world’s most rapidly disappearing animals.

    Kerry Kriger, Ph.D.
    Founder, Executive Director, Ecologist

    • Anonymous

      Bullfrogs are invasive which are a big part of why other frogs are
      going extinct! We were catching bullfrogs

      • http://www.savethefrogs.com SAVE THE FROGS!

        Bullfrogs are native to Arkansas.

  • Geoff

    I agree that the multiple banging of frog heads on the gunnel is a little much, but then is there a better way?  Blunt force is pretty much the way that I dispatch all of the animals that I pull from the water..dungeness crab, salmon….etc.

    @ Daniel and Mirra…Please keep up the good work!

  • Mitch Hensel

    So simple and most likely sooo… good !

  • Gorgescrambler

    Way to live the life! Wish I’d been there.

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  • brtsflk

    why is it that the pseudo-civilized can’t just accept that they are different? stop trying to convert the good old boys away from their good old ways of living. damnation! some of you are total pitas (pains-in-the-ass) pimples on the ass of life. don’t go away mad. just go away.

  • brtsflk

    yes, i did accuse the pseudo-civilized of trying to drag the good old boys down to their level. they don’t want to believe that someone could live the life that the good old boys have embraced. leave it alone. i promise that you’ll be allowed to go off to your corner to sulk and that the good old boys won’t bother you except perhaps to offer you some of their victuals. if they do, rejoice. you have a real treat coming if you only accept the offer.

  • Mini

    I would love to have more vegetarian episodes- more vegetable focused recipes? Rather than just odd meat choices? Like highlighting some of the vegetables that are part of the cuisine of the area you are in? with a cool twist? Maybe Mirra can star with you in cooking something for us veggie devotees of your show! 

  • Kevin

    Mirra, the expression on your face speaks volumes! I’m sorry, but I laughed so hard when I saw your reaction…. :) Way to tough it out!

  • Sue

    I was so waiting for you to say…Mmmm takes like chicken, but you never did. 

  • http://twitter.com/gentsao Emil Tsao

    Daniel drinks Natty Light!!!???

    • Anonymous

      Haha. Time and place for everything

    • Britt K Paul

      hey at least it wasn’t nanny ice!

  • http://twitter.com/kevinkossowan Kevin Kossowan

    Oooo gritty! Kind of like killing a fish, in the end, although admittedly a tad more gory. Would love to try it that fresh cooked by a guy who does it all the time – I’m jealous! [and yes, I’m this behind. new baby is my excuse]

    • Anonymous

      Hey that’s a good excuse. Congrats again btw!!

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  • Buffordr

    really enjoyed this episode. Hunter is the son of my best friend who passed on some years back. We used to go frogging and take our boys on that river. I still get out there sometimes and I think of Hunter’s dad evry time.

  • Ally

    Ever since watching this episode a few days ago, the manfriend and I keep saying “All animals do it, Mirra!” to each other – simply for the hilarity factor. Mostly because the phrase could directly translate to, “Do you WANT to die tonight?” We love watching. Every episode is poignant, thoughtful, and often very moving. We’ve been staying up long after our bedtime trying to get all the episodes under our belt. Keep it up!

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  • Britt K Paul

    !!! I’m from Arkansas and have been frog-gigging a few times, where in AR were you?  I just moved to NYC a couple months ago and have been really homesick this past week but watching this really made me feel better, believe it or not.  Thank you! I love what you guys are doing, hang in there Mirra! :) Death is a crucial part of life.

  • Maureen

    Mirra you are such a good sport!