A Taste of Vietnam

WARNING: do not watch if you are hungry and are without easy access to Vietnamese food.  We are interrupting our weekly Perennial Plate episodes to bring you a cool little video we made.  Last month we were invited to go on a Intrepid Travel trip to Vietnam for 2 weeks.  Our assignment was to document this food focused journey across the country.  We are really proud of the video and wanted to share it with you.   Thanks and look out for Vietnam related  pictures, recipes and blogs this week.

  • Tandy

    What a trip!!!! Great video… I’ve got to go!

    • Anonymous

      yes you do, and thanks!

  • Anonymous

    great video.  appears to be a food paradise.  i love thai and vietnamese food because of the literal explosion of flavor when the food hits your mouth.  nothing dull about their meals.  would love to see some soup recipes.

  • SimonBaoWow

    Daniel, can you identify the title of the music that accompanies your video, as well as the recording artist?  I’d really appreciate knowing.

    • Anonymous

      the music is always listed in the credits. but the song is Tempura Soul by Fuka Vincente.

    • Anonymous

      i believe the music was referenced at the end of the video

  • Tom Byg

    Beautify shot and edited…are you in post production on a longer vid?
    Well done,Tom

    • http://twitter.com/kaleandcola Mirra Fine

      Thanks Tom! Though we’ve got 14 days of footage, the plan was to create a short 4 minute vid. Though we may release some of the extra footage as a bonus later on. 

  • SteveD

    So great as usual, the colors were just amazing.
    Perfect song too! great as usual.
    Let me know if you ever need an assistant on one (or all) of your trips

    • danielpklein

      do we ever need an assistant – we just don’t have the money for one.  

  • Hawkeyecory

    I should have read the warning,  now I need food.  Great job as always guys.

    • danielpklein

      thank you

  • Maris

    Fabulous!!! and so hungry, for the food and to travel there, and experience the smiles and appreciate the beauty!  THANK YOU for sharing!

    • danielpklein

      our pleasure

  • Austin Lindstrom

    Your best work, and somehow, by a large margin.

    Since seeing the Vietnam Special from BBC’s “Top Gear”, the only thing on my “bucket list” is to go to Ha Long Bay.

    • Anonymous

      perhaps in video quality. but i should hope it isn’t better than everything else – as there is no “Content” in this video.

      • Austin Lindstrom

        Blame the FCPX dork in me.  The editing is top notch.

        If I ever make it to Vietnam, I even plan on foregoing my vegetarianism so I can eat all the street food.  How did Mirra do?

        • http://twitter.com/kaleandcola Mirra Fine

          Im telling you man, its the 5D. Also, no need to forgo your veggie-ness. If youre wiling to eat beef broth, the world is your oyster in Vietnam. I was the happiest vegetarian ever.

    • Jan

       Go to Halong in April, early May or October for the best weather.  Otherwise, the days can be foggy or drizzly. (I lived there for 3 years.)

  • khaiti

    everything about this is AWESOME. A collage of sights and sound, and then I must have just imagined the smells….onto new frontiers you guys. Love it!

  • Andrea Nguyen

    Great work, Daniel. Looks like it was bone chilling cold winter in Hanoi. Makes me hungry to return!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Andrea. Thanks for watching… and yes, it was pretty chilly. we’d love it if you’d share the video with your fans. Love your books!

  • http://twitter.com/kevinkossowan Kevin Kossowan


    • danielpklein

      a lot of editing

  • Foody2 and Oliver

    So with all this wonderful stuff going on around you for 14 days-how do you get approx. 168 hours of film into 4 delicious minutes? LOVED the music!

    • http://twitter.com/kaleandcola Mirra Fine

      It took quite some time to cut the footage down to just 4 minutes. Was hard to decide which beautiful images to leave out.

  • Kate

    Phenomenal Video!  I went to Vietnam with Intrepid last summer–your video took me right back to the amazing food, culture and people!!

    • danielpklein

      how long did you go for?

  • Jenda_jenda


    • danielpklein

      thank you

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jean-Pierre-Rousseau/100001948467278 Jean Pierre Rousseau

    beautyful pictures,so fast though,how about a whole series on those wounderful dishes.i love the street cooking,here in québec,everybody would die a painful death if this was allowed.i m not kidding,not even hot dogs.

    • danielpklein

      It was too fast – but we wanted to keep peoples attention and show the diversity.  hopefully we can go back and do a series there.

      • Thuy Tran

        There were some great video clips about Vietnamese foods like the link below, but I would like to see more how they made them. Hope you would do it next time.


  • Paul

    Thanks for the Warning though I didn’t heed it! Wish there was some Vietnamese round here but alas I’m SOL. GREAT video, I’m a big fan of you guys’ work!

    • danielpklein

      Where are you?  we have Vietnamese food here in MN – but the herbs and the fish sauce aren’t the same

  • Viet Nam

    Thanks Daniel very much! I’m Vietnamese. i hope you will come back my country! welcome

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  • Thanh Tan

    Daniel and Mirra, next time you guys go, come with me. I’ll show you Vietnam for all of its beauty and grace.

    • danielpklein

      we would love to go with you, although we thought the Vietnam we saw had lots of beauty and grace too

  • Ariana

    Loved it!!  Reminded me of Thailand.  You should go there too!

    • http://twitter.com/kaleandcola Mirra Fine

      We would love to!

  • Lily Siebert

    I think the WARNING needs an addendum, reading something like “do not watch unless you are currently sitting on a plane destined for Vietnam”. This country just earned earned the number one spot on my travel wishlist. Thanks for sharing!

    • danielpklein

      not to toot our own horn, but i do get hungry and then annoyed that food like that doesn’t exist in MN (even though we have a lot of Vietnamese)

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  • Morchella

    Gorgeous video! 

  • Hoang Luong

    Thanks. I’m Vietnamese. It makes me love my country more.

  • http://www.myeggnoodles.com Chris

    Wow! Thanks for sharing. The first foodie video I ever made was in Vietnam, and can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Gvp0LH1Us8

  • Tom

    Great Video guys! What cities did you visit? Also, which city had the highest concentration of street food? Again, great videos. Really appreciate the hard work.

    • http://twitter.com/kaleandcola Mirra Fine

      Thanks Tom! We travelled from the North to the South (Hanoi, Halong Bay, Danang Beach, Hue, HCMC, Mekong Delta) It would be hard to decide which city had the most concentration of street food. Maybe Hanoi?  

      • Pis Dương

        every city has speciality street food, so dont decide to choose which one is the best, just try what u see, eat, n feel its delicious or not! 😀 anyhow, dont skip the cơm sườn (bbq pork broken rice), bánh mì( vnese baguett), hủ tíu (noode soup) in sai gon, Phở, nem rán, some kinds of sticky rice in hanoi, bánh bèo( rice cake), mì quảng, bún bò huế, cao lầu (kinds of noodle soup) in da nang& hue & hoi an, n fruit in mekong delta! welcome to vn and hope u enjoy ur food! :)

        The video is great, wish  it could be bit slower! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Young-Bill/513461853 Young Bill

    Great video – Takes me back. Interesting part at 2:27 of burning inkjet big face 100s.

  • Lanny Nguyen

    Try L’anne French/Asian in Wheaton, they do Vietnamese food very well, they have goi cuon, banh xeo etc

  • http://twitter.com/annabrones Anna Brones

    I love this video so much… had a great time eating in Vietnam when I traveled there and this makes me want to buy a ticket to somewhere adventurous RIGHT NOW. That and I could go for some Vietnamese coffee.

    • danielpklein

      thank you and i hear you about wanting to travel NOW

  • Starvietnamvisa

    I really like this video:D Nice work. Of course you should have used a Vietnamese song and a bit slower pic-slides in some part og the video, but overall great work. We are thinking of linking up this video on our site http://www.Starvietnamvisa.com. Our website provide pre-arranged Vietnamese Visa on Arrival services, so this will be great inspiration to our customers, who are preparing their journey to Vietnam. We hope this is ok? Again great work:) Looking forward for a longer video and a bit slower;)

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=615394018 Claire Hoang

     Thanks ! very nice your shooting of my country , <3

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  • shane

    like a rock star! love the solo! what do u call this style nu asian jazz?

  • JC

    The video is going down well in expat circles in HN at least, I think you’ve done more for Vietnamese tourism in the space of 3 or so minutes than the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has managed in a decade – showing VN for what it really is, manic, funky, colourful and an assault on the senses! Well done, and yeah just a shame the track wasn’t Vietnamese (though it rocked!)

  • Mitchhensel

    Hi Daniel, I always thought that when I was in Viet Nam in the very early 70s ” God what a beautiful country, to bad there’s a war going on”. You and Mirra did an excellent job of capturing the color and beauty, it brought back some pretty strong memories for me. I could almost smell the fish sauce again.  Thanks again for doing this series, I was getting to busy at work and hadn’t watched for a few months. That will all come to an end I will be retired as of the 23rd of March and will now be able to watch and try to cook some the the dishes I’ve seen and have been inspired to try.

  • Mog

    Just a taste of what you have to look forward to. Wish I could be there, have a fun trip, c u soon. x x

  • Hugh Briggs

    Great video – instanty reminded us of our Intrepid journey last year. Food was definitely a highlight!!

  • Anna

    hey noticed a quick frame at 1:24 – does this mean you had dog meat?

    • Jan

       Dog meat is available at special restaurants in northern VN, especially certain days of the month. Cat meat also.

  • Jodi Burley

    I have watched this a dozen times now and it so makes me want to go back. You guys did a fabulous job.

  • Besbasmail

    this is great! really loved the music as well, but since it is japanese-inspired, it created some cognitive dissonance for me. 

  • Kim

    Now I have to go! Can’t wait to see the recipes :)

  • daretoeat

    Wow, I love this video so much!  It really captures the essence of the Vietnamese people as well as their food cultures.  Coming from a Vietnamese background, I can’t tell you how much that made me miss my Mom’s cooking…keep up the great work!  And now, off to make some thit kho, haha.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hahuythienthanh Hà Huy Thiên Thanh

    Hi Daniel, thank you very much for such an wonderful clip on Viet Nam. That’s exactly what I want everybody to know about Viet Nam.
    Though the music is for me terrible, lol. Once again, thank you

  • http://landingstanding.com/ Meg

    We heard from many backpackers that Vietnam has the best cuisine in the world.  It’s a  bold statement but this video defends that claim… I am drooling

  • http://www.facebook.com/huyenchi11 Huyen Chi

    Make me hungry and long for another trip back to Vietnam. I’ve watched you made banh mi as well, I’ve worked in a banh mi business, your version is not exactly as any Vietnamese version but who cares, your banh mi made people’ mouths water, I could taste it from seeing your cooking, vote up!

  • http://twitter.com/cookingfordads Rob Barrett, Jr.

    This is truly one of my favorite cooking episodes of any medium, and that includes many of mine. :-) It is extraordinarily beautiful. Thanks for bringing this. Unfortunately it did nothing to wane my unattainable desire to go to Vietnam any time soon. (one kid in college this fall.) Blessings to you two.

  • http://twitter.com/cookingfordads Rob Barrett, Jr.

    This is truly one of my favorite cooking episodes of any medium, and that includes many of mine. :-) It is extraordinarily beautiful. Thanks for bringing this. Unfortunately it did nothing to wane my unattainable desire to go to Vietnam any time soon. (one kid in college this fall.) Blessings to you two.

  • http://twitter.com/athenailya Athena L

    I love that this is a pure FOODIE Music video. I wish there was a MTVFood channel :) Cheers to the start of one. http://www.theculinarylinguist.wordress.com

  • http://twitter.com/rovingroti Wan Phing Lim

    WHOA! Super duper good video. Glad I had my lunch just before watching the video.

  • T N

    totally love the music and yes, the foods as well. Thanks for sharing

  • Julie Bui

    Is that how you really feel about life in VN? The video makes me dizzy and suffocating because its too fast both visually and aurally… Its not a complaint or anything. Im so grateful that you guys came to VN and recorded these amazing images but its never come to my mind that our life spins so fast like that..

  • http://www.almostlanding.com/ Amanda Nicholls

    Hi Daniel and Mirra! I love your video’s, I’m so happy to have found your site! Quick question, the music you have featured is always great, is there anyway you could let me know where you source it from?
    Thanks so much!

    • JC

      The music is from http://funkyfrolic.blogspot.com/2011/01/gi-funk-14-vietnam-wartime-funky-club.html – a ‘concept’ album re-creating the kind of sounds people were listening to during the Vietnam War. The track used on the perennial plate is video ‘Tempura Soul’ by Fuka Vicente featuring a Japanese instrument. Despite being geographically incorrect, it’s cool 😀

      • http://www.almostlanding.com/ Amanda Nicholls

        haha I think it’s a great pick for the video and Japanese instrument or not, it definitely took me back to my time in Vietnam! Thanks so much for letting me know, I haven’t seen video’s done like this anywhere before and I love it!

        • JC

          Yeah it’s great, I actually work for Vietnamese TV and even two years later still show people the video as an example about how to engage with foreign foodies :)