Episode 101: La Minga

The ideas of cooperative work are central to many movements in Latin America. Nelson Escobar has brought those ideas from his home in El Salvador to Louisville, Kentucky where he coordinates a large urban farm that brings together a diverse community to grow, eat and sell good food.

  • Foody2 and Oliver

    It’s so interesting and moving to “hear” the thread of truth running through all of Mirra and Daniel’s work, expressed almost poetically by both Nelson and and the other gentleman. Another beautiful piece.

  • Stephen Daniele

    The new style of introduction is perfect. Great job!!

  • theoldgoat

    Kudos to PP and La Minga  The observation made by the gentleman that this can be a challenge for “ego” brought a smile to my face.  Mother Nature knows no ‘ego’ – only a joyful seed sized point of nexus where experience in the ‘now’ flows with wordless wisdom that makes the entire creation resonate with that elegance. In the beauty of engagement like La Minga, ego evaporates like the illusion it is.

    • Nicolás Tapia

      Actually there was a translation mistake in the part you mention. Nelson was talking about a challenge for “egoísmo”, which means “selfishness” in spanish, not ego.

      • theoldgoat

        I’m reminded of Sumak Kawsay/Teko Porã/Viver Bem and other related concepts of ways of being – at times translated as Living in Plenitude, implying living in harmony, balance and respect for ‘Pachamama’. Where, ultimately, does ‘selfishness’ arise from?

  • kyledhebert

    Episodes like this one are the reason I watch your show. What a discovery, what a story. Thanks for sharing it.

  • http://twitter.com/MSCSymposium MSCSymposium

    Does ‘La Minga’ have a website or some way to reach out to them?

    • Nelson Escobar

      We do’nt have yet, but is coming

      Thank you for your interest