Episode 64: California Gleaning

Northern California is a bountiful area.  So bountiful that there are often leftovers.  This is usually the case with most farms.  In order to make way for bad yields, bad weather, and unexpected disasters, (or just to make sure they have enough to satisfy their customers), most farms will end up with more than they can sell.  What happens to all that extra produce?  In the case of Healdsburg California, an organization called Farm to Pantry picks it, packs it up and delivers it to various locations “in need”.  It’s selfless, necessary and wonderful.  Watch this video to follow the food from harvest to Rehab Center.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dane.schmitt Dane Alan Schmitt

    Another great episode, Daniel and Mirra.   It is a great thing to use our earth to feed our hungry.  I’ve volunteered for an organization here in New Jersey that is similar to Farm to Pantry called America’s Grow A Row (http://www.americasgrowarow.org/). I could get you in touch with the man who started the organization when you’re out this way, if you’d like.

  • Kate0911

    I’m so glad you chose to do a show on gleaning! The Society of St. Andrew (http://www.endhunger.org) is a national organization which has made gleaning it’s mission, and it though them that I was first able to participate here in Florida. I’m always amazed at the amount of produce that comes out of the fields.

  • Brian

    Whether you realized it or not…you had the MN connection in this episode with the photo of “Grace” by Eric Enstrom hanging on the wall.  http://www.gracebyenstrom.com/

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t think of the connection at the time, but I remember that that painting is from MN. its a good one

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  • Goatmilkwi

    I absolutely loved this one! Healthy food, saved from waste, nourishing people getting better. Damn, so awesome. Way to document this goodness in the world. You guys rule!

  • Mitch Hensel

    Thanks again for an eye opening segment, it really breaks my heart to see so many people in need in a land that has such abundance. In the same breathe it also makes me proud to see that there are people willing to go out and pick the food, process it, prepare it and feed the needy. Great work you two !

  • Lisa M

    I love this episode!  What a great idea to find someone with more than they need and bring it to those who are in need.  Thanks Danny & Mirra for telling the story of places like this, it’s inspiring and may even generate new ways to do similar things.

  • Mixerchik360

    Great episode, Daniel and Mira!  Thanks so much for bringing attention to this much needed service.  How wonderful that these folks are able to do this.  I am going to see if something like this is available in my community and participate in some way. 

  • Ozzy

    You were in our hometown and I didn’t even know it. Hope you loved Healdsburg as much as we do. Come visit us next time on Healdsburg Ave. Moustache Baked Goods. We love your show. 

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