Episode 92: Little Radish

Kids are in a lot of our videos – they are cute and they are the future. In this week’s episode we visit a school garden and take a class on radishes with Ashley Rouse of Georgia Organics. Its our last video (of three) in Georgia and its short but sweet.

  • Meghan

    I love this episode- Especially the kids sitting around mmm mmm-ing about that butter. Amazing. I love that a whole class of kids ate radishes.

    • danielpklein

      Thanks Meghan. Kids are cute, and so are radishes.

  • Jasondkelly

    I got extremely lucky growing up.  My mom routinely made us eat radishes with butter and salt, usually on crackers though.  If I just say to my brother that I had radishes and butter over the weekend, he’ll get the same, dopey, nostalgic smile on his face that I do. 

  • Solomon

    Loved it!

  • Foody2 and Oliver

    Thank G-d you both attract/find the people and the stories that reflect what is possible in this world.