Episode 76: Seaweed Man

Sometimes a few words can capture the essence of what makes up a person better than an extended interview.  Such is the case with Larch Hanson, a Maine seaweed harvester/poet who shared with us his beautiful way of life.

  • Joel

    Interesting. Could you go into more detail on how the seaweed is used? Who buys it? What dishes are different varieties of the seaweed good in? I use wakame and kombu in Japanese dishes, but that’s about it. Are there any good western dishes for this seaweed?

    • Anonymous

      Obviously the video had nothing to do with those details, although they are interesting. I’m sure there are resources online. The seaweed is great in soup and salads. A lot of people buy it for their thyroid.

      • Anonymous

        i hope that didn’t come across wrong.  thanks for watching. check out his website: http://theseaweedman.com/

        • Joel

          That website is a wealth of information and what I was looking for. Thank you!

          • Joel

            Larch is something else. Just look at how much he’s thought of everything: http://larchhanson.com/archives/44. Seasoning your boats with vegetable oil so they keep the seaweed pristine? That’s classy.

  • Doug Sheperdigian

    Great listening!

  • Foody2 and Oliver

    We want to listen to this again and again, and will continue to find meaning. I love that this is a complete episode and so different from the others.
    Thanks for the seaweed website. Will you be making up any recipe(s) for seaweed?

  • Falnfenix

    i think this is my favorite episode so far…but i have a soft spot for poets.

  • Jillianleah120


    Kelp farm on Chebeague Island in Casco Bay. (first one in the states) There is a bit of controversy about it.

    I personally think Kelp is a great idea; healthy and local.


    Chebeague Island is essentially a micro environment. I believe it could
    be self-sustaining need it be. Fresh water, farm land, ocean to fish,
    and wild game. I hopefully will be adding to it this summer. I have
    beehives on the brain…..

  • Sweet Cicely

    beautiful and inspiring!

  • http://twitter.com/kevinkossowan Kevin Kossowan


  • Matt Rock