Episode 69: Mountain Morels

As a Minnesotan, Morels are prized.  Having been defeated in my home state and Iowa, left with only 1 mushroom to share between many, Washington was a chance for revenge.  We went out with author and forager Langdon Cook — into the Eastern Cascades, many miles up the mountains and to a “burn zone.”  These much coveted spots are the birthing place of mountains of morels.  Lucky enough to have a lead, we learned the ins and outs of this western version of a Minnesota treasure.

  • Beth

    Now that is camping!  What a wonderful episode!

  • Sean A.

    Ok… I’m pretty hungry now. What an amazing place to have a good meal, some good wine, and enjoy the company of friends.

  • Brother Peter

    oh snap! Shake Your Peace!

    • Anonymous

      thumps part 2

      • Brother Peter

        is he gonna release something soon? Or has he? Really great quality of the track.

  • jolly britt

    jarred morels from the mega store in Calais can not compete

  • maris

    I am in love with the morels and the song, and this episode!

  • Nfriedman

    What an awesome episode! I was salivating just watching it.

  • Thegoodcook

    Glad you remembered your knife this year. I LOVE morels. Just ate the last of mine (frozen) from last year. But fresh it best. Time to hunt!

  • Kelly Barta

    Amazing and beautiful!  did you ever figure that tent out, Daniel?  😉

    • Anonymous

      yes, but it was embarassing

      • Kelly Barta

        this was one of my favorites so far (not just because of the good laugh at your expense..hehe)..the video was just put together so nicely and such a beautiful location as well.  Looking forward to the next one as usual– thank you guys. :) 

  • Guy P. Murdock

    You guys find the best stories in the best locations. I only wish they were longer.
    Thanks for what you’re doing…, the 2 of you do great work together. Meeting the
    2 of you in Maine was a treat.~~~~~~~~~~~~~>

    • Anonymous

      likewise, and thanks so much!

  • David Wells

    It was nice. It was almost like you could breath the fresh mountain air and eat it as well1 

  • Heidi

    That meal looks absolutely awesome….and such an awesome place to enjoy it too!  Love it!!!!

  • do you know the mushroom man?

    How do I get that Shake Your Peace! song? in love with it!

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  • http://twitter.com/kevinkossowan Kevin Kossowan

    Ah, success. Cool to see Langdon doing his thing on video!