Episode 72: After the Flood

We are interrupting our trip’s linear flow to bring you an episode from upstate New York. We felt like the immediacy of this issue needed to be touched upon now.   The flooding that resulted from Hurricane Irene followed a week later by tropical rains that re-flooded farms in NY and VT was devastating. Late summer is the most important part of the year for a lot of farmers (its what they’ve been working for the entire year), and when that gets wiped out, its like losing your entire income.  Such is the story in this video of Pete Taliaferro and Ray Bradley.  Please watch the video and remember that although it has left the headlines, people are still deeply affected by what happened.  Show your support HERE.

  • http://twitter.com/Sekkyo Joel Peterson

    So, so very sad. It was touching to see that the CSA went out of their way to help get the farm back next season. Could you visit the farm in a year and see how it has rebounded?

  • Annbecht

    Thanks Daniel for sharing this story! As a part time Vermonter, I am always talking about the devastation so that people don’t forget what these farmers and communities are still going thru. I will repost your Episode to help the cause. Ann

  • Nileswine

    The W.J. Bryan quote says it all. Thank you for this really moving episode.

    • Anonymous

      thanks Niles!

  • Anonymous

    Funny. I was going to suggest Ray Bradley because of the Thomas connection….

  • Sophia

    Thank you Daniel and Mirra,
    Thank you Thank you, Farming is not always pretty but it is always beautiful, even when it is  such a heart breaking situation, glad you added this.  What a year.

    Sophia, Maryland

  • Aubreyyarbrough

    Thanks for showing this.  It’s been rough here in the North East, harder for some than others.

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  • Thegoodcook

    We’ve had a tough time of things here in the NE – but we are a strong and proud people. Thank you for sharing the tale.
    ps. CSA people (and their farmers) rule!! 

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  • All Good Bakers

    We at All Good Bakers (Albany’s locally-sourced bakery/cafe) and Farmie Market (Albany’s online farmers market) have teamed up with the Saratoga not-for-profit Regional Farm & Food Project to raise funds for Irene & Lee-affected Farmers in Upstate NY.  Thank you for focusing on the losses our farmers have suffered and are just beginning to recover from.  We are still taking donations and have begun to accept applications for fund dispersement.  I am going to post this video on our page – stories like this are so important in order to maintain focus on recovery needs!  Please learn more about our fund here and please donate if you can! http://www.causes.com/causes/632299-support-local-farms-damaged-by-hurricane-irene

  • http://twitter.com/opgastronomia OperationGastronomia

    Thank you for interrupting the flow to tell this story, it’s a beautiful and moving video. Ray Bradley is my friend and farmer, and we’ve been working to spread the word about what the loss means since the flood waters were still drowning the farm.

    I’ll share this episode in our continued efforts to support these farmers. They mean so much to us here in NYC.

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  • brtsflk

    ” into each life some rain must fall”. not always a pleasant prospect, yet not unexpected. a reality we must all face.
    no matter what we do mother nature will occasionally back us into a corner, but try doing anything without her help,
    her intervention. you can invite disaster in a hurry. roll with the punches.

  • randa

    What a powerful 5 minute film!  I teach an intro Sustainable Ag class in Maine, and showed this to my students not only to highlight the impact of Irene but what it really means to be a CSA. I am excited to have found your series. 

  • http://twitter.com/kevinkossowan Kevin Kossowan

    Heartwarming and powerful that the CSA members stepped up, and that the model essentially saved the farm. Speaks to its resilience as a sustainable ag practice.

  • http://twitter.com/LSRebhan Lindsay Rebhan

    This is such an important video – always relevant. Important to get the message out about CSAs. Community support goes far beyond the food. Thank you for telling this story.