Episode 62: A day in the life

This was a good day.  Not completely a-typical, but one where we felt like something special had happened — The ideal of what we hoped this trip would be.  So instead of dividing this episode into two stories, we wanted to take you through the entirety.  We started with Jason Woods — a fisherman/diver on fire for the cause of sustainable seafood and local economies.  We then met at the community garden of Alberta Salazar, a former strawberry laborer from Oaxaca.  Dinner combining the two stories ensued.  This was a good day “on the road” where the story of food, labor and community in America unfolded.

  • Thegoodcook

    thanks for sharing this incredible episode! So uplifting and so inspirational. I do believe this is your best episode yet!! 

  • Jschles2

    Beautiful.  Thank you for your work. 

  • Celeste Gustafson

    That was amazing! That’s where we need to be headed in every community around the world.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dane.schmitt Dane Alan Schmitt

    You never cease to amaze/inspire me…each episode is better and better.  There’s only one reason I get excited about Mondays….The Perennial Plate!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Dane!

  • Austin Lindstrom

    What happened to the shirt budget?  Daniel is going to break the white balance on your equipment.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks a lot Austin – I will work on the tan

      • Austin Lindstrom

        I was out foraging black trumpets and chanterelles on Saturday and realized it was largely your fault.  TPP led me to the Minnesota Mycological Society.  Yesterday morning I was picking wild black raspberries at 8am, and the heat index was already 96.

        • Anonymous

          Wonderful to hear!

  • marissa


  • Kelly Barta

    Man I love you guys!  What an amazing journey you guys are on!  Thank you for all you do, show and teach us!

    • Anonymous

      really it is our pleasure.  I mean when do you get to go around the country and meet such people!

  • Kristal

    That was a really cool episode. Keep up the good work, everyone!

  • Willowbendgarden

    You two are sharing the time of your life… this was one of my all time favorite episode.
    Keep em coming.

  • Nfriedman

    I ‘m living vicariously through you! Great episode.

  • brtsflk

    episode 62. good. would have felt more satisfaction about this had it been fleshed-out. just started
    to get into the real enjoyment that something like this brings about the human condition when i felt
    like i was thrown out on my backside. still kind of wondering what happened to the story i was enjoying
     so much. “don’t do me ‘dat way. please”

  • Craig McHenry

    That whole episode makes me feel so good! Hard work and great personal values! So good!!

  • Eric

    Mmmm…. erizos, cangrejo, nopales con tortillas hechas a mano… you guys are killing me! 

    The last part was the most appetizing, uplifting sequence I’ve yet seen on Perennial Plate – Mirra you’re doing great work! 

    Keep it up you two!

    • Anonymous

      it was tasty. i didn’t know the term erizos – sea urchin i’m assuming.  glad we could pick it up from the relatively somber tone.

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  • Rachel Wilson

    just amazing and beautiful and TRUE. thanks, you two!

  • Stevef

    Bravo you two. You inspire me. Wish I would have caught up with you in PDX. Come back soon. Let me know if you need a sweet spot to crash and eat the worlds finest oysters if you reach the hood canal. Cheers

  • Dana V

    Wonderful episode but where are you?  Did I miss that somehow?  

    • Communityrootsgarden

      They were in Malibu, and then in Oxnard, CA (the strawberry capital of the U.S.).  Check out the community garden they visited at http://www.communityrootsgarden.org/.  It’s a 1 acre shared farm on the land of a United Methodist Church where many of the volunteers are former or current farm workers.

  • http://twitter.com/join_ERIC ERIC

    How were you able to make contact with the Salazar family?  A really meaningful story, rarely spoken.

    • Anonymous

      They came from a story recommendation on our website about an NGO. Thanks!

      Daniel Klein

      [image: Facebook]
      [image: LinkedIn]
      Vimeo] [image:

  • Scott Buchanan

    Definitely one of the top 3 best episodes for me. :)

    What a great find…..”Jason Woods” A down to earth, interesting, inspiring kinda guy…. I’d buy him a beer! Is there any more info around what he’s doing?

    Thing is about the jobs going to China…. put 2 products on the shelf 1 for $25 the other for $50 and 99% of people will choose the $25 one. The Chinese are willing to work for $50 a month Americans aren’t…. thats reflected in the price on the shelf!

    Same with food…. the organic, local, sustainable food is always going to be more expensive than industrial food. If people want change they need to put their principles a touch bit closer to their wallets/purses. 

    More of the same please!!!!

  • Margaret Sawyer

    Hi Daniel and Mira!  We are so loving this episode.  Everyone at MICOP thinks it’s terrific and we’re so proud of Alberta.  Thank you for such a beautiful piece!  

  • Brian K

    I’m a little late on this one as I was offline, but damn, this was excellent. Everything I love about Perennial Plate. Beautiful story, beautiful images, beautiful sounds. 

  • Travis

    I really love this series and everything you are doing.  I can’t express well in words how grateful I am to be reinspired by you over and over again.  This episode really brought back all the emotions that got me hooked in the first season, great great work on this one! Thank You!

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  • Rickjohnson75

    You might not be so flabby and lethargic if you gave up meat.

    • Anonymous

      Hey Rick, you may disagree with my choices, but it’s not very nice to make fun of my body.

  • Rickjohnson75

    You definitely have an old man’s body for someone so young.

  • http://twitter.com/foodblogstudy Laura Noren

    Danny – I love that you have no tan; it means you are less likely to get skin cancer. 

    I hadn’t given a thought to your tan or lack thereof until I read these comments…this is a show about food advocacy, folks.  Stay focused.

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  • stacy

    Thank you for this. As always, absolutely enjoyed. This particular episode… SO MANY things to love.

  • http://twitter.com/LSRebhan Lindsay Rebhan

    This just makes me happy. So happy. 

  • LianaSolis

    Maravilloso Daniel!