Episode 65: Halfway across America

The Perennial Plate is halfway through its 6 month film shoot/real food expedition across the country.  Its been an amazing ride thus far.  We’ve made a dozen episodes and we have many more on the way, at the rate we are going, I’m sure there will be well over 30 short films.  This video shares the trip at halfway, full of unseen footage, favorite moments, and sneak peaks, this is three months of hunting, diving, farming and eating around the Western half of America.  We wanted to reignite the excitement about the project and get people jazzed for the second half of the trip!

  • Roxy

    Wonderful video! You guys were in St Paul we didn’t know. ): 
    Have a wonderful next few months!!!!

  • Thegoodcook

    Can’t wait for the second half! Keep up the good work and please let me know if you’re in NJ or NY or PA… 

    • Anonymous

      September.  How are you?  its been a while, i tried e-mailing you some time ago, but the address didn’t work.  I hope things are going well

  • mc


    What was that thing that Mirra tosses back into the river at 0:36?
    Gnarly clam (geoduck?), looking forward to that episode!

    • Anonymous

      it was a fish, she was saving it

  • Vince


    Aurelie and I enjoyed the episodes very much!!
    When do you plan on posting the J bar L episode??

    Hope to see you both in Montreal,

    Vince and Aurelie

    • Anonymous

      Hi!  it should be out in a 5 weeks.  We will be in Montreal around August 25th – lets be in touch

  • Sally Anne


  • Kelly Barta

    Beautiful!!! I SO look forward to each and every one of your posts and videos…thanks for making my day. :)

  • Anonymous

    Bravo! Have a Healthy and safe second part of your trip. Give a farmer a hug from me.

  • Andrea

    Awesome! So glad to see that vegetables are making a hearty appearance. 

  • http://www.slowfooddelmarva.org David

    We have been sharing your adventures on our Slow Food Delmarva Facebook page. 

    • Anonymous

      really appreciate that David, thank you

  • http://www.zonnah.com Zonnah

    Awesome! I have really enjoyed every episode so far. Thank you :)

  • Foody2 and Oliver

    When the news around us feels so oppressive, your trip, these pictures, these stories takes us away, connects us in some way to others and reenforces our faith in humanity. Bless you.

  • Nbtroy

    Nice idea. I loved seeing some of these lovely faces again and remembering their stories. Thanks and safe travels. 

    • Anonymous

      thanks – we’re doing a dinner in NYC that is inspired by the videos, maybe there will be another recap down the line

  • http://www.thewanderingtable.com Chef

    Awesome guys. Beautiful. Thank you.

  • Mitch Hensel

    Mirra, another great editing job. You are the real talent on this road show. The music is always right on the spot. I have to agree with Foody2 and Oliver that with all the depressing things that seem to be happening in the world at the sametime your snippets are refreshing to the soul. I was only kidding Daniel all of the dishes that you have plated are mouth watering. Looking forward to next few segments.

    • Mirra

      Thanks Mitch! Though I will accept the title of “the real talent on the show”, sadly I cant lie about the editing. Thats all Daniel. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/kppeanuts Keren Hayles

    Amazing clips Danny it must have been a fantastic experience, continue to enjoy what you are doing like you always have in the past… Regards to the family from us all xxxx Hayles family

  • http://www.videohaiku.com Kevin

    I can hardly believe that you actually captured Mirra on camera! She’s usually more elusive than Bigfoot!

    • Anonymous

      i know – she’s sneaky 

  • Ramsey in Wellington, NZ

    Wonderful. Reminds me of something that the Roman poet Horace wrote: 

    Caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare current

    Which I render into English as “Those who cross the sea changes their skies, not their souls”.

  • Emi

    absolutely love the music in the background! haven’t come across one I like so much in a long time. Which song(and who) is it?

    • Emi

      doh it’s in the credits. sorry