Episode 1: Turkey

Here is the first episode of The Perennial Plate… it’s about Turkey.

I started making this series in November of 2009 and the first scenes I filmed were the events preceeding Thanksgiving dinner.  As such, parts of this video are not for the squeamish, but what you see is reality.  When we eat meat, animals die.  If you can’t watch it happen, or even do it yourself…it may be time to reconsider dinner.

Oh, and the turkey farm I visited was www.farmonwheels.net

Thanks for watching and come back next week.



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13 responses to “Episode 1: Turkey”

  1. Anderson Renawalt says:

    Excellent video. Thanks for sharing something so personal.

    How often are we going to get to see them? What is your turkey recipe? Can you tell me how to make some meals in a quick video? You are so cute.

  2. Really enjoyed your video, Daniel! Especially liked the respect you gave the turkey, educating young folks, and your cousin/family member who didn’t want to give up meat yet didn’t want to kill *this* particular turkey. Great learning lessons for everyone. Looking forward to more.

  3. Booogie Longo says:

    You are cute as a button Daniel Klein!

  4. Fantastic video. I think it’s great that you took the turkey to the school — so many people out their (kids especially) don’t fully realize that their meat comes from living, breathing animals that deserve respect. Kudos!

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  7. Mike says:

    We just butchered our first batch of chickens this last week so I know how you felt. It is a very rewarding feeling being the one to process the meat you eat. They are also a great tool for teaching with all of the organs and such. Thanks for sharing!

  8. […] exploration into local food. His videos are honest examples of what it means to produce food, from cooking (and killing) his own thanksgiving turkey, to cooking a pig’s head, Klein’s videos are an unflinching view of the hard work of […]

  9. […] are split; Fine is a vegetarian and Klein is an omnivore. In the very first episode of the series, Klein kills his own turkey on camera, and filming the event actually inspired Fine to become a vegetarian. This year, they […]

  10. Brian OHalloran says:

    I would love to find out info about the music that you use in your video(s).  Thanks, Brian (email: [email protected])

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey Brian – the name of the bands are at the end of each episode. Also, in the about page under music there is a list of most of the musicians, although it needs to be updated.

  11. Dillon Noble says:

    This was a well done video you did a pretty good job on the processing by the way this is the son of the farmer who rasied the turkey. a tip though if you do another turkey try putting rope around the body to. That way it will not flop around so much

  12. […] these videos was also a wake-up call to Fine herself, who became vegetarian as a result of episode one which featured the preparation of a self-caught turkey before a Thanksgiving dinner. Though the […]

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