Episode 8: Lucan, MN

This episode tells the story of several different farmers in or around Lucan, MN.  Like the episode about Milan, MN it shows a glimpse of people going against the agricultural grain in small town Minnesota.  The episode is a bit longer than usual, but I think it gives you time to understand why people are returning to small scale farming.  After watching, please check out the farmers: Kicking Mule Farm, Miles of Pork, Batalden Farm and Brau Brothers Brewing Company. Oh and stick around till the end of the video, or fast forward, because I saved the best part for last.

In support of local farmers and The Perennial Plate, Minnesota Cooks is matching donations to the show up to $700 for the first five days that this video is up!

6 responses to “Episode 8: Lucan, MN”

  1. I watched this latest installation with a smile that just kept getting bigger throughout the video. I warms my heart to see the "next" generation embracing values that will truly lead to better living and health – a movement of back to the land, family, real food. Keep up the good work!

    ps. The sound on this episode is great!!! – (but the title says episode 9….don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger)

  2. Angela says:

    Daniel you are a HERO and pretty easy on the eyes as well. Thanks for doing what you are doing. 🙂

  3. Kevin says:

    Inspiring to see the age group that tends to tackle the burden of sustainable agriculture. It gives me hope that by the time my kids are my age, strong change [esp in philosophy of food culture] may actually get made.

  4. Celeste Gustafson says:


  5. […] their beers local, and even grow some of their hops on site. It may be small, but it’s made a big splash in the local food […]

  6. Ted says:

    I recently found these seven year old (and still fresh) videos. I have this fantasy of ditching the city and moving to rural Missouri to grow stuff. It might happen. Probably won’t. Either way, keep up the good work!

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