Episode 21: Hunting for the Fall

I don’t know how the weather is where you are, but in Minnesota it’s hot… it’s so hot that I was thinking longingly for the coming cold.  That cold got me looking through some of my old footage.  Back when I started The Perennial Plate I went Deer Hunting with the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association on a very cold day.  I’ll be going on a more successful trip this fall, but for now, I hope this weeks episode helps cool off your summer and inspires you to enjoy the rest of it.

WARNING: Contains Adult language, which in no way represents the opinons of the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association.

5 responses to “Episode 21: Hunting for the Fall”

  1. Kevin Obsatz says:

    I love the smoking shots! Nice light!

  2. Great video. How many hours did you sit in that box? I would have loved to see a video of the butchering, it always amazes me how hunters make it look so easy…

  3. Kevin says:

    Ouch. That’s a LONG Day in a stand. I’ve never hunted that way. Ever. And that’s also quite the deer hunting culture out there, wow.
    I’m glad this sheds a bit of further light on the unexpected relationships between 1] hunting and nature appreciation, and 2] ‘sportsmen’ and their atypical breed of foodie-ism.

    As an aside: I watched the episode yesterday, and had my first trouble w/ audio – couldn’t hear the guy cutting the deer at all, but everything else worked fine. Not sure if it’s resolved, but figured I should mention it.

  4. I hail from a family of deer hunters. Well, really hunters. Rabbit, turkey, deer, plus trout and bass always graced our tables. Perhaps that is why I believe and live a sustainable life? Maybe, but like those hunters, I also enjoy eating the game. Better luck this fall!

  5. I hail from a family of deer hunters,too. but I can’t play video “Episode 21: Hunting for the Fall”

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