Episode 22: A very Community Garden

Community Gardens are a central part of summertime, a transformative and delicious way of using empty space.  This episode tells the story of a particularly wonderful and unique garden in North Minneapolis where Harriet Oyera of Uganda and Redeemer Center lead the vegetables growth.

3 responses to “Episode 22: A very Community Garden”

  1. Kevin Obsatz says:

    What a great voice that lady has!

  2. Kevin says:

    Some close friends of mine ran the community gardens here for a time, otherwise I think I'd be largely unaware of how many there are. It's a brilliant concept, and provides me with ammo when challenging people to get gardening, and they retort with their dwelling not having land.

  3. Willowbendgarden says:

    You guys rock, creating great memories for those kids. Way to go, Daniel and Mirra.
    Peace and courage,

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