Episode 28: (Wild) Rice Lake

This week The Perennial Plate is covering the most Minnesotan of all topics, wild rice.  It is an epic food.  Delicious, full of nutrients and tradition.  I had never really been fond of the stuff until recently.  I had always had the cultivated “wild rice” that takes forever to cook and tastes like nothing.  However, since trying the hand harvested wild rice, I’ve put it on almost every menu I’ve cooked in Minnesota.

Mushkooub showed me how to rice, I forgot to put his name in the titles, I will correct it to soon.  Thanks.


3 responses to “Episode 28: (Wild) Rice Lake”

  1. Kevin says:

    Wow is he interesting to listen to!! Fantastic episode, every piece was compelling to watch.

  2. Stumpy Poler says:

    Awesome! You can ride in my boat anytime, you just have to knock more.

  3. Keenan says:

    That my Grandpa. Not your Grandpa.

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