Episode 31: Flying Fish

I know what you are thinking… “really? ANOTHER fishing video?” Yes, this is MINNESOTA, the land of 10,000 lakes.  You should feel lucky that every week isn’t about fishing.  And this week’s episode is fly fishing… in the fall, that means beautiful.  I also cook some brown trout with wild rice and watercress.

It’s delicious.



9 responses to “Episode 31: Flying Fish”

  1. maris says:

    This one is a beauty. and yum.

  2. Kevin says:

    Lovely song. I have a soft spot for trout, and wish I could get it wild nearby. There's apparently some epic trout fishing in the Bow River near Calgary, but I've also heard you may not want to eat those fish. Limits are also really low in the province, which is a deterrent as well – I think you can only keep one or two fish, depending where you are.
    You really nailed this one – the dish is fantastic.

  3. Daniel Klein says:

    Thanks Kevin, glad to see you continue to make videos, nice one with the blood sausage.

  4. Mary says:

    While I enjoy every week, this one is beautiful! Great visual of the pastoral beauty of trout streams and fly fishing! Keep it up- I look forward to it

  5. John Atkinson says:

    Damn you hit that fish on that rock a lot. Does that make you feel good about yourself. Haha. Just kidding. What a reflective piece. Transforms your from your office desk to another world for a moment. A true pleasure.

  6. Daniel says:

    Hey John, Gotta make sure to kill it! Glad it could transport you. THanks for watching

  7. Kevin Obsatz says:

    Did Mirra shoot this one! It's beautiful – she's getting really good!

  8. John Deer says:

    There is no fish in this world that taste’s as good as the one you caught and cooked yourself. This is a lesson I learned as a young boy when I caught my first cat fish on my grandparents farm in Arkansas many years ago. I love your site!

  9. JDKIowa says:

    I always start out by looking for a hatch.  If there’s no hatch I default to a Ted’s Trueblood (the simplest fly on earth to tie) and then move slowly up the complexity scale of nymphs, but honestly half of the trout I’ve caught were with a Trueblood.  Thankyou Ted Trueblood for the most universally useable nymph on earth. 

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