Episode 55: Mushroom Music

This is episode number 2 in Arkansas, but very different from the frog catching.  In NW Arkansas where the beautiful Ozarks rule — a couple of hippies started growing shiitakes in the forest some 20 odd years ago.  Today, they are harvesting hundreds of thousands of pounds of the Japanese mushrooms off of logs.  It’s an impressive operation that only improves when you meet the owners Carole Anne and Curly… who both happen to kick it on the banjo.

28 responses to “Episode 55: Mushroom Music”

  1. Austintatious says:

    What a great episode – the people, the place , the mushrooms and watercress, the music, the blessed rain and tyhe excitement of the thunder. Well done, and thanks!

  2. Lorri Downs says:

    Nice ! Well done folks !

  3. Willowbendgarden says:

    OMG……that was sooo cool. You did a wonderful job of capturing Carole Anne and Curly’s important work. The music enhanced and invigorated the episode. This is the kind of road trip I will keep watching. Way to go Daniel and Mirra!!!!!

  4. applecustard says:

    what an awesome episode! i loved that there was just as much footage of the mushroom growing and harvesting as there was the preparation of the mouthwatering dinner. keep up the great work!

  5. NaijaBros says:

    Well you can sing for your supper on the road, or you can just make the dang supper. Having those cooking chops makes for a unique interaction. Great stuff.

  6. raveneye says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this video and the folks portrayed.

  7. John Deer says:

    Great one!  By the way, I haven’t seen a bad one yet. 

  8. Mike Adams says:

    Awesome episode! Really enjoyed this one

  9. Anonymous says:

    Interesting questions about the local food
    movement and how it might negatively impact even small family operations.

  10. Lane says:

    Great job–the food, music, and the farm talk. I am so proud of Arkansas!

  11. Sarah says:

    Awesome! brought on a smile to my day

  12. Jane says:

    Really enjoyed this! And would really like to try that soup! 

  13. Mitch says:

    Another awesome episode ! I could’ve eaten the mushrooms right off the grill. Great music. Keep up the great work.

  14. Mexahippe says:

    Love the thunder in the middle of the Romanian fiddle tunes!!

  15. Wattsupvp says:


  16. Rachel Wilson says:


  17. Adam Graffunder says:

    Do they have some kind of automation for drilling and plugging? When I have done that I could only get through about 6 logs before my drilling and hammering arm was pretty sore.

  18. Cool operation, and great to have their music supporting the content. Nice one.

  19. Guy P. Murdock says:

    I love what Perennial Plate is doing…, showing us all that there is always another way to eat.., and live. Simply! Without corporate control. ~~~~~~~~~~>

  20. JDKIowa says:

    OK, I’m crazy hungry now.

  21. Krislc458 says:

    It makes me so happy to see more farms in our area surviving and thriving by doing things the right way. I can’t wait to pick up some of their shrooms at The Truck Patch in Mountain Home!! I really want to try that soup out.

  22. Jasondkelly says:

    Does that song they’re playing have a name?  I keep coming back to this video because of how dulcet that song is. 

  23. kwink74 says:

    just found you guys..am obsessed!

  24. Tgw601 says:

    I echo that obsession!

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