Episode 57: Lord, Lord, Lord

It was hard to imagine focusing on just one urban gardener in New Orleans… so we didn’t.  This video tells the story of several different New Orleans residents who came back to the city after the storm to rebuild and start making food in the city’s abandoned lots.  And you can’t tell a New Orleans story without music, thankfully one of our farmers happened to play in the Treme Brass Band!

16 responses to “Episode 57: Lord, Lord, Lord”

  1. Nancy says:

    Awesome and so inspiring!!!

  2. pjbfcp says:

    These people make me want to visit New Orleans more than any tourist attraction or food. Great episode!

  3. Brandt44jb says:

    Loved it!  Thanks

  4. Marisocean says:

    oh boy, another favorite episode! 

  5. John Deer says:

    WOW!!! God bless the folks in New Orleans!!!

  6. The best episode yet!…. for me, you’ve really captured the essence of what the food movement should be about…. health, taste, community, education etc

    Being a European I don’t know much about the Katrina disaster other than what was was shown on the news at the time but from what I can see here the peoples determination for renewal in the face of such adversity is quite inspirational. 

  7. Mike Taylor Chef Student @GBC says:

    that was amazing… best ever

  8. Willowbendgarden says:

    OK guys, now you have done it…. best ever.
    Peace and courage,

  9. Carlos says:

    New Orleans is a great and small place! I’ve met all the members of this band and its incredible how they are just involved with everything that IS N’awlins’! Amazing video

  10. Gail Gardner says:

    If you could make the Tweet button share something more compelling you would get more visitors to this page. I was in a hurry and tried to use it but it doesn’t have a real call to action or your Twitter account or anything that would compel anyone’s followers to want to come see what the Tweet is about.

    I’ll end up writing one for you, but most won’t.

  11. […] Klein and cameragirl Mirra Fine were down in New Orleans last week for their recent episode of the documentary “The Perennial Plate” focusing on urban gardeners who came back to […]

  12. Wattsupvp says:

    Perrrrrrfect! I love the flava’ of what you’re cookin’. Gotta share this one.

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