Episode 60: Mountain Home

After a turbulent last week, we slow it down with a man who I could aspire to.  Living out of his truck (and camping), he teaches r at The University of New Mexico about wild greens, and living from the mountains.  This episode doesn’t have the craziness of the last few, but hopefully you can enjoy John Duncan’s peaceful and excitable story.

9 responses to “Episode 60: Mountain Home”

  1. John Deer says:

    I would love to spend a weekend listening to his ideas on life.  Good episode!

  2. musiclover says:

    I love the episode but could you please give a credit for the music?  I would love to buy it, and it isn’t really fair to the musician to use his music without credit.  Thank you. 

  3. brtsflk says:

    now, i read the comments previous to mine and i am aghast at my lack of taste. i liked the repartee and the small amount of information but that was certainly not what i had come to expect with the whizz-bang start to this new season of the perennial plate. i’ll go sit in the corner and sulk.

  4. ERIC says:

    Thanks guys for coming and seeing my home state.  We have a lot of pride in New Mexico– its sort of a mix between Texas, Colorado, and Arizona in a good way.

  5. […] this episode, Daniel Klein visits nomadic John Duncan who lives out of his truck (and camps). He also teaches at […]

  6. Scott Hales says:

    He seems like a real guy, someone who would be cool to hang with and learn stuff from.. : ) Thanks for sharing this video!

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