Episode 61: Brothers

We weren’t sure what to expect when we drove 12 miles into a Canyon in Utah to meet 70 year old twins, living off the grid, growing organic vegetables and giving tours of the Anasazi ruins in the area.  It turns out that Bill and Bob Stone were two of the most interesting people Mirra and I have ever met.  We spent two days with the brothers and hope to return to do a full length film on their rich lives one day.


15 responses to “Episode 61: Brothers”

  1. Jonas Goslow says:

    I like watching them wait for the elk to cook…  Seems like we should all learn to sit contentedly and watch our food cook!

  2. Gstanle says:

    I ordered T-Shirts and DVD’s 2 Months ago, where the heck are they?

    On another note, that was a really enriching episode, appreciate what you guys are doin’.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow, interesting characters. Those buckets surrounding each vegetable transplant, is that to prevent rodent damage?

    Mirra, I love the shot where you pan back from the garden to reveal the field, buildings and surrounding mountains. Nice work.

    • Mirra says:

      Thanks Bill… That shot was done by Daniel  — who was brave enough to climb up to the top of a cliff overlooking the whole scene. 

  4. Foody2andOliver says:

    Both episode 60 and 61 are fantastic. I wish they were longer so I could get to know these people better.

  5. Sterhill says:

    really nice video – interesting characters!

  6. John S says:

    What was in those buckets ?   I am used to people using canning jars , that was new to me.

  7. Heydavebell says:

    great episode. i would definitely be interested in a full length feature on Bill and Bob and the life they live. Very interesting! 

  8. […] this episode, Daniel Klein heads into a Utah canyon to meet Bill and Bob Stone–70 year old twins who live […]

  9. Dmccpa1 says:

    These guys talk slow.  I like them much better than fast talkers.

  10. jilldirt says:

    pleaaase do  a film on these awesome two fellers!

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